12 Division Scientist

If you ask one of its members, The Shinigami Research institute only calls to the brightest, unfettered minds. If you ask any other Shinigami with half his mind, she’ll tell you it’s a den of Madlove, Frankenstein and Q-like scientists. Strangely, the two presentations aren't opposed. It's just that a bit too often, the later has to deal with the consequences of the former's failed (or successful) experiments.

Entry Requirments

Feats: Academic Knowledge, Seasoned
Skills: Any 3 knowledges+10 ranks+

**Hit Die:* base class;

Level Special
1 Invention
2 Bonus Feat
3 Forbidden Experiments
4 Bonus Feat
5 Brilliant Analysis

Class Skills: As base class plus all knowledge
Skill Points: As base class

Weapon and Armour Proficiencies: The 12th division scientist gains no new weapon or armour proficiences

Class Features

Invention: The 12th division scientist is a master of creating wacky and obscure contraptions and mechanics. The GP and XP cost for creating magical items is halved for a particular class of items, chosen when the class is taken. For all others, it's lowered to 3/4 of costs indicated in the DMG.

Bonus Feats: The 12th division scientist gains a bonus feat relevant to science or knowledge at every even level.

Forbidden Experiments: You have used your knowledge of Shinigami metabolism to step beyond the boundaries of traditional science. You may pick one Hollow ability per two points of INT bonus point. Note, however, that if you take a ability that increases your INT, It will not count towards the number of Hollow abilities, and bonuses from your Zanpakuto do NOT count, even if it is a constant release. If later on you gain an additional bonus by natural means (such as leveling, acquiring a template, etc.) you can choose another hollow ability.

Brilliant Analysis: When confronted to an unusual phenomenon or enemy, the Scientist can use her knowledge to protect herself from potential harm. After studying its target for 3 rounds, the scientist can ignore all its direct damage and harmful effects for 1d4+ Int modifiers rounds. While studying the attacker, the Scientist can undertake only movement actions and free actions as his attention stays focused on the target. Once the immunity ends, the Scientist gains a permanent bonus AC and saving throws against this individual enemy, equal to his Scientist level.

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