Adapting Prestige Classes

Adapting existing Prestige Classes

In addition to the bleachD20 specific prestige classes, a character may adapt an existing 3.5 prestige class to the bleachD20 system.

an adapted class functions as a bleachD20 prestige class, save for the changes listed here.


The classes prerequisites remain. For the purpose of prerequisites, Kido counts as arcane magic, NegaciĆ³ns count as invocations (and Cero counts as Eldritch Blast) and fullbringing counts as meldshaping. Any prerequisite that lists a specific class and/or race is discounted.

Hit dice

levels in the prestige class use either the listed one or the character's base class, whichever is higher

Class Skills and skill points

Levels in the prestige class treat both the class skills for the characters base class and the prestige class as base skills. The character uses the skill points from her base class.

Base Attack Bonus

If the class gives full base attack bonus, then levels in the class also give full base attack bonus. Otherwise the character uses the base attack bonus from their base class.

Spellcasting/Manoeuvre Advancement

Any advancement to the character's caster level, or to the level of spell/manouvre available to the character are discounted.
Any new spells/manouvres granted through the prestige class are gained by the character, though spells must be chosen from the type already available to the character.
If the prestige class grants a specific spell, then the character gains that spell.


The character uses the save progression from her base class.

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