Entry Requirements:

Level: 7+
Skills: Knowledge (Hueco Mundo) 10 ranks, knowledge (soul society) 10+.
Special: Must have removed Hollow Mask
Special: Must not possess shinigami subtype beforehand.

Table: Arrancar

Hit Die: d8 or base class, whichever is higher

Level Benefits
1st Zanpakuto, Shikai, Sealed Form
2nd Ressureción, Shiaki Ability
3rd Sonido, Gran Ray Cero
4th Shiaki Ability
5th Arrancar Evolution

Class Skills: As base class.
Skill points per level: As base class
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The Arrancar gains proficiency with their Zanpakuto. They do not gain proficiency with other weapons, even if they have the same base form as the Zanpakuto.

Class Features

Zanpakuto: A hollow that has ripped of its own mask seals its hollow powers in the form of a Zanpakuto. This functions in the same was as a Shinigami's Zanpakuto for determining form and style, damage type and critical damage range.
The Arrancar's Zanpakuto deals damage equal to the Hollow's natural weapons. Its enhancement bonus is equal to that of a Warrior Shinigami of the same level. Any non-sealed hollow abilities that enhance one or more of her natural weapons, such as Poison, may be used with her Zanpakuto. In addition, some abilities improve an arrancar's zanpakuto, as noted in the ability description

Shikai: Though the source of it's power is vastly different, an Arrancar's Zanpakuto is capable of much the same abilities as a Shinigami's. Her Zanpakuto has two types, and a number of Shikai abilities equal to ½ her character level + 3. She gains an additional two Shikai abilities every even numbered Arrancar levels thereafter. It is otherwise identical to the Shikai of an equal level Shinigami.

Sealed form: By taking on the characteristics of Shinigami, Arrancar have managed to regain their humanoid appearance, at the cost of sealing away their adaptations, depending on her strength. Gillian-level Arrancar typically look half-human, half hollow, whereas the only way to tell that an Arrancar of Adjuchas level or above is the mask-fragment, and the Hollow-hole.
The fragmented mask is the source of power for an Arrancar, as well as a limiter. Arrancar no longer 'evolve' to a higher level of hollow (E:G a Gillian Arrancar will not become an Adjuchas at level 10), though an arrancar does regain some mental functions, allowing her to increase her Charisma score and either her Intelligence score of Wisdom score by 2.
Whilst in the sealed form, she can only use hollow abilities with the sealed property, though she retain any attribute bonuses or penalties from abilities whether they can be used sealed or not.
While in her sealed form, the Arrancar does not retain any of her natural weapons. An Arrancar in sealed form has a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to impersonate a Human or Shinigami.

Resurrección: From 2nd level onwards, so long as the Arrancar is at least 12th level, she is capable of performing a Resurrección, restoring much of her hollow form and powers, as well as boosting the Shinigami-esque powers she has obtained. Entering Resurrección is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, reduced to a swift action if she has her Shikai already active. Activating Resurrección costs 20 SEP, and can be done once an encounter. Resurrección lasts for 2 rounds per character level, and can be extended by paying 10 SEP per round exceeding that. While in Resurrección, the hollow looses access to her Zanpakuto but regains all of her Hollow abilities and Natural Weapons which where sealed, as well as retaining access to all of her Shikai Powers. Any Shikai powers she had that enhanced her Zanpakuto enhance all of her natural weapons obtained through leveling up. While in Resurrección, her maximum hit points are doubled, as are her current hit points at the time she entered the form. When her Resurrección ends, she loses any hit points above her normal maximum.
If she falls unconscious, or is rendered helpless by any means, her Resurrección immediately ends. After using Resurrección, she is Exhausted for 10 minutes, and fatigued until she has 8 hours of rest. Resurrección does not count for prerequisites until the Arrancar is of at least 12th level.

Sonido: From 3rd level onwards, an Arrancar is capable of moving at incredible speeds. She gains the ability to use Sonido, a form of high speed movement similar to Shunpo. At the cost of 3 SEP, she can travel up to her character level - 5 * 5 ft in any direction. This is a form of teleportation. Shunpo may be used either as a swift action or as part of a move action, and does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Sonido cannot be used to travel to an area the Arrancar cannot see

Gran Ray Cero: The Cero Blast of an Arrancar is much more potent than that of a normal hollow. This is a special [[Negacion|Negación]]], which counts as both a Cero form and Cero Essence Negación. The Cero is empowered, and the length of the line is increased by ½. Firing a Gran Ray Cero is a full round action, as opposed to a standard action, and provokes an attack of opportunity. A Gran Ray Cero can only be fired once every 4 rounds

Arrancar Evolution: The Arrancar has reached the peak of their Shinigami-esque powers. She receives an additional Shikai ability, as well as a single Bankai ability which can only be used in Resurrección.

Level 6+: After 6th level, the Arrancar gains an additional Shikai ability each level. If an Arrancar is of at least 12th character level, she also receives an additional Bankai ability every even numbered Arrancar level, usable only use in Resurrección.

Levels in other classes: Of course, not all Arrancar will focus on training their Shinigami abilities alone. As such, for every 2 levels the Arrancar gains in another prestige class, they gain an additional Shikai ability. This does not apply retroactively

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