Bount Abilities

General abilities

Adaptive Body
Prerequisites: None
The Doll has got a body that is capable of hiding in the surroundings, and strike the foes when they think to be safe. The doll has the ability to blend with his surroundings, thus gaining a 10% concealment. As a move equivalent action, the Bount can pay 3 SEP to increase the dolls concealment to 20% for 1 minute per character level. This concealment is not overcome by true seeing, as it is physical blending and not an illusion.
In addition, the concealment granted by natural or situational means is augmented by 10%, (So, if the Doll is within 5 feet in a fog cloud, his concealment becomes 30%, and 60% farther away).

Prerequisite: Adaptive Body
The Doll is now capable of a partial mimicry of a subject that the Bound has seen previously. The Doll has a limited mimicry capacity, and can at will change their appearance to match that of anyone the bounto has previously met, or a generic member of the race, gaining a +10 bonus to disguise. The Doll can assume this form as a standard action. The doll's size category can appear to change using this ability, but this as no mechanical bonus.

Improved Masquerade
Prerequisite: Masquerade, disguise 9+
The Doll’s impersonation ability now is perfect, and there is no way that someone can recognize the imitated person from the original one. A Sense Motive check opposed by the Doll's disguise is granted if the Doll act in a total different way from the original, but otherwise does not rouse suspicion.

Warp Reality
Prerequisite: Level 12+, Adaptive Body
The Doll now is capable of warping a portion of the reality, at the price of giving up some of his concealment ability. As a swift action, the Doll now can subtract a 10% from his miss chance granted by concealment and gain a bonus of +1 to hit rolls or damage, or give a -1 to AC, hit or damage to a single foe within 5 feet.

Perfect Blending
Prerequisites: Adaptive Body, Hide 12+
The Doll’s ability to blend with the surroundings now has become peerless. As a full round action, the Doll gains total concealment for 1 round, and if the a character attacks a square, has got a 70% miss chance instead of the normal 50%. Also the bonus granted by natural or situational means is augmented of another 10%, that stacks with the basic Adaptive Body ability (thus granting a total 20% bonus).

Prerequisites: Adaptive Body
The Doll can use Displacement as a spell like ability, using their character level as the caster level. This cost 5 SEP. Unlike normal, this is not overcome by true seeing or see invisibility.

Chameleon Skin
Prerequisites: Adaptive Body
The Doll can adhere to his owners body and grant him the concealment bonus granted by the Adaptive Body. Whilst using this ability, the doll and the bounto occupy one square.
In addition, the doll can Hide in Plain Sight (see ranger). He doesn’t need a shadow to do that; the only limitation is that while he is still hidden in that way, the user can only take move-equivalent action and attacking break the hidden status.

Phantom Strike
Prerequisites: Chameleon Skin
The Doll now can use his camouflage for landing strikes to vital parts of the foe. Whenever an attack directed against the Doll misses (from AC or concealment), he can make a single attack or opportunity against the attacker. This attack catches the opponent flat-footed.

Juggernaut Body
Prerequisites: None
The Doll is capable of withstand blows that would otherwise shatter other Dolls. The Doll gains DR equal to ½ the bounto's character level.

Condensed Form
Prerequisites: Juggernaut Body
The Doll has Natural Armour equal to the bounto's constitution bonus.

Re-enforced construction
Prerequisites: Juggernaut body
The Doll's DR increases by 5. This stacks with juggernaut body, but no other form of DR.

Eternal Doll
Prerequisites: Juggernaut body
The connection between the Bounto and the physical form of the Doll has become even deeper. If the physical form of the Doll is destroyed, the Bounto can spend SEP equal to ½ his character level to manifest the Doll on the next round.

Physical Integrity
Prerequisite: Eternal Doll
The Doll is now capable of restore the damage he suffered consuming some of the Bounto’s spiritual energy. With the expenditure of 2 SEP the Bounto can heal the Doll of 1d6 for every SEP.

Liberty in Death
Prerequisite: Eternal Doll, Physical Integrity
When the Doll dies, the Bount can sacrifice a great amount of his spiritual energy to temporarily gain the same ability that his Doll possessed. Spending SEP equal to her character level when the Doll reach 0 hit point, the Bount gain half of the doll's Doll abilities for 1 minute per level. Using “Liberty in Death” comes also with another great price, as the Doll cannot regenerate until a whole week is passed (not even with Eternal Body).

Elemental Adaptation
Prerequisites: Juggernaut body
The doll is attuned with a type of energy, and now receive less harm from that. When this ability is picked, the Bounto chooses a type of energy; the Doll gain Energy Resistance 10 for the chosen energy type. The Doll cannot gain energy resistance to an energy type it has vulnerability too.

Elemental Feeding
Prerequisite: Elemental Adaptation
The Doll can absorb part of the harmful energy and transform it into a boost for himself. For every 2 point of damage prevented by the Doll's DR or Energy resistance (or immunity), the Doll can gain either a +1 to their next Saving Throws, Damage or Hit roll. The bonuses can be split between the three freely, and are chosen when the damage is suffered.

Elemental immunity
Prerequisites: Energy resistance 30+
Choose one type of energy the doll has a resistance of 30 or greater. The doll no longer suffers damage from that energy type.

Prerequisites: Juggernaught Body
Even if the Doll is losing limbs, it stand still like if nothing has happened. The Doll benefits from the Diehard feat, even if it does not meet the prerequisites.

Combat Body
Prerequisites: None
The Doll is a killing machine capable of annihilate everything in his path- The Doll has full base attack bonus, as opposed to ¾.

Weapon of Many Forms
Prerequisites: Combat Body
The Doll can adapt the type of damage he deals in every situation. Every round, as a free action, the Bount can choose if the Doll now deal Piercing, Slashing or Bludgeoning damage. If the doll would deal energy damage, the bounto can choose to have the damage dealt count as both energy and one of the above damage types.

Augmented Damage
Prerequisites: Combat Body.
The attacks of the Doll now inflict more pain when they strike. Increase the Doll damage of one die.

Combat Proficient
Prerequisites: Combat Body
The Doll can unleash hammering blow or be untouchable like an eel. The Doll is proficient with both simple and martial weapons, and benefits from the combat expertise and power attack feats. These do not count for the prerequisites of other feats.

Berserker Frenzy
Prerequisites: Combat Body, Rage
Focusing the beast within his soul, the Bount can channel it into the Doll and, releasing it, unleashing a relentless killer that rip apart everything standing into his path. By spending 5 SEP, the doll enters a berserk frenzy, as a frenzied berserker of level equal to ½ the bounto's character level. The Doll cannot attempt to end the frenzy itself. Attempting to dismiss the doll before the frenzy ends, or trying to stop the frenzy, requires a DC 20 will save. This is a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

Deathless Frenzy
Prerequisites: Berserker Frenzy, Greater Rage
The bounto's doll cannot die whilst in a frenzy. All damage it suffers is delayed until the frenzy ends, where it is all applied at once. This damage can still be healed away.

Dance Macabre
Prerequisites: Three other combat body abilities, BaB 6+
The Doll awakes the ability to attack furiously, dancing and slashing between the foes like a dervish. Whenever the Doll makes a full attack action, the Bounto can spend 4 SEP per enemy within 10ft to have the Doll gains an extra for each. attack. These extra attacks are made using the doll's secondary attack bonus,

Spiritual Body
Prerequisites: None
Bount that possess these particular Doll rarely have to expend their spiritual power, since the Doll itself possess a huge amount of spiritual power of his own. The Doll possess a SEP pool, with an SEP rating of 3. For the progression of the SEP, it use the Bount Reiatsu Modifier rather than its own.

Energy Dart
Prerequisites: Spiritual Body
The Doll emits a dart made of pure spiritual power. As a standard action that costs X+1 SEP, the Doll makes a Ranged Touch Attack, with a range of 30ft, that inflicts 1d6 untyped energy damage for every points of SEP the Doll used to fire the dart after the initial cost.

Energy Burst
Prerequisites: Energy Dart
The doll can create a huge explosion of raw spiritual power. As a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity, the doll creates a burst with a radius of 20 ft, centred on the Doll. This blast inflicts 1d6 untyped energy damage for every SEP spent to fire it, +1 SEP to activate it. Creatures caught by the blast are entitled to a reflex save (dc 10 + ½ character level + reiatsu modifier) for ½ damage.
Special: This ability may be taken multiple times. Each time increases the save DC by +2

Energy Line
Prerequisites: Energy Dart
As a standard action, the Doll charges up spiritual power and then releases it into a line of 10 ft. * Bount level that inflicts 1d6 damage for every point of SEP expended to fire it. Creatures caught in the blast are entitled to a reflex save (DC 10 + ½ character level + Reiatsu attribute) for ½ damage.
Special: This ability may be taken multiple times. Each time increases the save DC by +2

Strenght of the Soul
Prerequisites: Spiritual Body
The reserve of SEP possessed by the Doll now is augmented by +2 per level.
Special: This ability can be acquired multiple times, his effect stack.

Elemental Brewing
Prerequisites: Spiritual body
The Doll manipulate the basilar structure of the refined spiritual power. By spending 2 extra SEP, the Doll can add an energy type (of his choice) to the damage he inflicts until the end of the round.

Resistance Field
Prerequisite: 3 other Spiritual Body abilities.
The Doll gain spell resistance equal to the bounto's character level + 10
Special: This ability may be taken multiple times. Each time increases the doll's spell resistance by 5

Spiritual Copycat
Prerequisite: Resistance Field
The Doll can absorb part of the negated spiritual power and make it his own. Whenever a spell is prevented by the Nullification Field, the Doll can pay SEP equal to ¼ the character level of the spell user and select an attribute such as an Energy Subtype, Saving Throw, Ability Damage, or effect (push, paralysis, hypnosis) and so on that the negated spell possessed and apply it to their next ability. If the ability misses, or if its save is passed, then this ability is wasted.

Nullification Field
Prerequisite: Resistance Field, Level 12+
Whenever a Zanpakuto, a Quincy Bow or a Fullbring, Bount doll or any ability that costs SEP inflicts damage on the Doll, the doll can pay SEP equal to the wielders level to force a a Will Saving Throw (DC 10 + ½ the Bount level + reiatsu modifier) or be “shut down” returning to its sealed state, and be unable to be reactivated/used for a number of rounds equal to 1/5 the bounto's level. If this effects a Shinigami in Bankai, Fullbringer in Fullbring Evolution, Quincy in Inner Bow, Arrancar in Ressureción or Modsoul in Annihilation mode, then failing their save instead ends this ability, though they do not suffer from fatigue (if applicable) and can reactivate the ability for ½ cost next round. This takes place after the attack is resolved.

Hunter Body
Prerequisites: None
These particular kind of Doll can be frightening, since they focus on tracking down and disabling or killing the foes of the Bount. The Doll has Sense Motive and a Suppress Reiatsu rank equal to maximum for their level if these skills are not class skills, or a bonus on these skills equal to ½ their character level. The doll also possesses the Reiraku hunter feat.

Favored Enemy
Prerequisites: Hunter Body
The Doll gains the favoured enemy feat.
Special: This ability can be selected multiple times. The effects stack.

Prerequisites: Hunter Body
The doll can use their melee attacks as a ranged weapon, with a range increment of 60ft. All other factors remain unchanged.

Prerequisites: hunter body, sense motive 8+
As a swift action the Doll can pay 3 SEP 5to place a spiritual mark upon a single creature it knows the location of. For the next 24 hours, the doll gains +5 bonus on all opposed sense motive and suppress Reiatsu tests against the marked creature. As a standard action that costs 5 SEP, the doll – and by extension the bounto – can sense if the creature is moving and the direction of it, exactly as detect person, save there is no maximum range. Attempting to detect the mark requires a sense motive test opposed by the Doll's suppress Reiatsu. The mark can be dispelled, as an effective spell equal to ½ the dolls level – 1.

All Seeing Eyes
Prerequisites: Hunters body
The Doll gain Blindsight out to 20 ft.
Special: This ability can be taken multiple times, every time increases the Doll's Blindsight by 20 ft.

Merciful Hunter
Prerequisites: Hunters Body
The Doll no longer suffers the -4 penalty when striking for non-lethal damage, and can make any of their attacks deal non-lethal damage. Te doll deals an extra 1d6 damage when inflicting non-lethal damage

Break Through
Prerequisite: 4 Other ability, Level 12+
No wall can stop the Doll from pursuing the target, being it magical or normal. The Doll can pay

Recon Bitto
Prerequisites: None
As a swift action that costs 5 SEP, the Doll can spawn a non-fighting Bitto that can scout an area of up to 100 ft per Bount level from where it was summoned. The bitto has 1 HP, and uses the dolls AC/Saves. The Bitto moves by flying The doll, and the bounto, can see/feel/smell everything the Bitto can, and the bitto makes use of the doll's skills when looking for things. The bitto lasts until it is killed or dismissed. The bounto can either personally direct the Bitto to control where it scouts, or let it roam free, where it will head towards the largest mass of spiritual energy it is aware off (this can be the bounto and friends), or just fly around in a wide circle.

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