Character Creation

Character Creation
Whenever you create a character using the Bleach D20 system, there are a few ideas to keep in mind. This section will run through the things that may create issues with those unfamiliar to the system.

As with most other d20 systems, you gain a feat at character creation in the Bleach D20 system. If you are playing a human character, you gain an extra feat at first level. These feats may be taken from any D20 source, including the Bleach D20, D20 modern, or 3.5e Player's Handbook. If a feat appears in the Bleach D20 Sourcebook and among other sources, the version of the feat in this Sourcebook takes precedence. If a feat has a Prerequisite, you must meet the prerequisite in order to take it. Any feat with a Prerequisite of "1st level only" can only be taken at character creation as the character's first level feat.

Each class has a number of skills that are treated as class skills. These skills may have a maximum number of ranks equal to your current character level +3. Skills that are not class skills have a maximum of half that. Class skills cost one skill point per rank, non-class skills cost one skill point per 1/2 rank, making a single rank in a cross class skill cost two skill points. Skills labeled as "Trained Only" are skills that you must have at least one rank in to use.
In the Bleach D20 system, you may choose your class skills. Each class gives a certain number of skills you may pick, with some classes granting an extra skill or restricting which skills may be chosen. In the case of classes that say "…plus Craft…", for example, you pick the other skills you want and get Craft as a class skill for free. Also, when choosing skills, keep in mind that Bleach D20 contains new skills and new uses for existing skills.

Saves are what makes you harder to affect with certain types of attacks. Fortitude represents your ability to resist poison and massive damage. Will is your ability to keep from being influenced by mental attacks. Reflex manifests as being able to dodge techniques and get out of the way.
At character creation, you choose one of these saves as your "Good Save" and the other two become your "Bad Save". In this way, you choose whether your character can dodge attacks, resist mental invasions, or fight off the effects of poison and illnesses. Your Good Save uses the value in that column of your chosen class, and the other two use the value in the Bad Save column.

Class abilities
Each class will have certain abilities that influence how that class grows. The Shinigami classes govern the growth of the Zanpakutou and the Shinigami themselves, the Quincy class helps the Quincy become an expert archer with special bow-related abilities, the Fullbringer class changes the human into a force on par with spiritual entities, the Hollow class focuses the hollow into an unstoppable machine of death, and so on.
When each class lists an ability, the description of that ability will be found under the "Class Features" section for that class. If the listed ability is "Bonus Feat", then you instead choose a feat to benefit from.

Defense Bonus
Each class has a defense bonus, which represents how that character has gotten better and better at avoiding attacks. A character's bonus is drawn from his level in his chosen class- a 6th level expert shinigami, for example, would have a defense bonus of +6 from his class. Each level's defense bonus replaces that of the perceeding level, much like Base Attack Bonus.
The defense bonus at each level is applied as an untyped bonus to AC, which is lost if a character is flat-footed. If you would not lose your Dexterity bonus to AC while flat-footed, you do not lose your defense bonus to AC while flat-footed.

Reiatsu Atribute
All characters in bleach D20 have spiritual power - or Reiatsu - that is used to power their abilities and helps to determine their SEP totals. At character creation, choose Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma to be the characters Reiatsu attribute. Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed except with the Alternate Demon Path Feat.
The Reiatsu attribute is mostly used to determine save DC of abilities that use Spiritual Power, though it is used for several other purposes as well.

Prestige Classes
Prestige Classes in the Bleach D20 system function more like templates that grow more powerful in time. When taking a Prestige Class, you continue to progress in the base class every time you gain a level, so a Shinigami character that use his or her 13th level to gain their first Vizard level, for instance, becomes a 13th level Shinigami/1st level Vizard, rather than a 12th level Shinigami/1st level Vizard.

There is only one way to multiclass in Bleach D20: into it. Augmented Shinigami and Hollows are those that began as non-Bleach D20 characters that died and joined the system. They retain their old class levels, abilities, and feats, but then begin to progress in either a Shinigami class or a Hollow class. Characters who are not Augmented Shinigami or Augmented Hollows may not multiclass; they are limited to one base class.

Alternate Class Features
Sometimes, a Shinigami isn't great at using Kido or Shunpo. Alternate Class Features change the way your character progresses. Note that these features aren't classes; instead, they replace the progression of your base class. As such, when you gain a level in your base class, you do not gain a level in the alternate class feature.

Spiritual Energy Points
Throughout this Sourcebook, you will see references to SEP. This refers to Spiritual Energy Points. SEP are spent to use Kido, Cero, and other abilities. Each character, however, gains SEP differently.
At character creation, roll 1d8. The result determines your base SEP for each level. See Chapter 9: Spiritual Energy and Kido System for more information.
To restore SEP, a character must have had a full nights rest (8 hours), after which his SEP are fully restored.

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