Feat Name Prerequisites Description
Academic Knowledge None Determine random information about an event or occurance
Alternate Demon Path None Change your Reiatsu attribute
Bloodied Con 13 Gain 2 hit points per HD.
Buxom Cha 13, Female Your generous "assets" help you influence the opposite gender
Damage Reduction Base Fortitude Save +5 Gain DR 3/-
Deadly Touch Reiatsu Attribute 13 Deal damage with a touch
Defensive Roll Base Reflex Save +7 Roll to avoid a killing blow
Diehard Con 13 Spit in the face of death
Hero's Comeback Die Hard Gain an extra action dice from heroic resolve
Educated Int 13 Gain a bonus on knowledge skills equal to your rank
Accumulated Knowledge Int 13, Educated, Two Knowledge Skills 6 ranks Share your highest knowledge skill between a number of fields.
Enhanced Touch Reiatsu Attribute 15, Deadly Touch or Healing Hands Improve the effectiveness of deadly touch or healing hands feats.
Enlightened Reiatsu Attribute 13 Gain 2 SEP per HD.
Evasion Base Reflex Save +3 Avoid all damage on a successful Reflex save
Improved Evasion Base Reflex Save +7 less damage on a failed reflex save
Favoured Enemy None Gain bonuses against certain creature types.
Flurry of Blows Base Attack Bonus +1 Make an extra attack at the expense of accuracy
Greater Flurry of Blows Base Attack Bonus +10, Flurry of Blows Make an additional attack when flurrying
Improved Saving Throw None Improve a single save
Hakudo Adept Base Attack Bonus +4, Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed damage is increased to match weapon damage.
Hollow Within None A dark presence sleeps in your soul
Hollow Rage Hollow Within or Hollow Subtype, Rage Your Rage becomes a bezerker frenzy.
Mettle Base Fortitude or Will Save +3 Suffer no damage on a successful Will or Fortitude Save
Improved Mettle Base Fortitude or Will Save +7, Mettle Suffer less damage on a failed Will or Fortitude save.
Opportunist Spot 13 Ranks Gain more chances for attacks of opportunity
Rage Base Fortitude Save +3 Rage, lowering defence to gain more strength and constitution
Greater Rage Base Fortitude Save +7, Rage
Mighty Rage Base Fortitude Save +12 Rage grants incredible strength
Tireless Rage Base Fortitude Save +10 Rage no longer leaves the character fatigued
Seasoned None Gain 2 skill points per HD.
Skill Focus Chosen skill 4 ranks Improve effectiveness with one skill
Skill Mastery Level 10 Become able to use some skills under pressure.
Slippery Mind Base Reflex Save +7 Gain a second attempt to resist compulsion
Sneak Attack Dex 13 Deal extra damage against unaware or unguarded opponents
Improved Sneak Attack Sneak Attack Sneak attack becomes far more damaging
Crippling Strike Hide 13 Ranks, Move Silently 13 Ranks, Improved Sneak Attack Sneak attacks deal strength damage as well as normal damage
Spiritually Aware Non-Bleach D20 class Can see and interact with Shinigami/Hollows
Spiritual Tradition Level 1 only Gain spiritual powers from your bloodline
Uncanny Dodge Base Reflex Save +3 Avoid being caught flat-footed
Improved Uncanny Dodge Base Reflex Save +7, Uncanny Dodge Enemies gain no flanking bonus
Weapon Focus Base Attack Bonus +1 Become more accurate with the chosen weapon
Weapon Specialization Base Attack Bonus +1 Become more damaging with the chosen weapon
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