Fullbringer Feats

Fullbringer Feats

Fullbring feats are feats limited to the Fullbringer class. They enhance the effectiveness of their fullbring, or the fullbringer's Soul Melds.

Feat Name Prerequisites Description
Expanded Fullbring Fullbring Gain an additional fullbring ability
Quickened Fullbring Fullbring, Quick Draw The Fullbringer can activate and deactivate their fullbring in a heartbeat
Fullbring Edge Weapon ability, Weapon Focus (Fullbring), Weapon Specialization (Fullbring) The Fullbringers weapon deals a greater amount of damage that normal

Expanded Fullbring
Prerequisite: Fullbring
Benefit: Gain an additional fullbring ability that you meet the prerequisites for. This ability does not evolve when using Fullbring Evolution
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.

Quickened Fullbring
Prerequisite: Fullbring, Quick Drawn
Benefit: You can activate or deactivate your fullbring as a free action.
Normal: Activating a fullbring is a standard action.

Fullbring Edge
Prerequisite: Weapon focus (fullbring), Weapon Specilization (fullbring), Weapon Fullbring ability
Benefit: Your fullbrings damage is increased by an amount equal to a what a mundane equivelant of the same weapon would deal. for example, a Fullbringer with a fullbring greatsword would deal an extra 1d10 damage.

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