Entry Requirements

Save: Base Fortitude 5+
Hollow Abilities: Swallow Whole.
Special: Devour Class feature

Table: Hollow Gorger

Hit Dice: As base class

Level Benefit
1st Endless Maw, Insatiable Hunger
2nd Lashing Tongue, Regurgitate
3rd Extraction, Acididc Saliva

Class Skills: As Base Class.
Skill Points per level: As Base Class.

Weapon and Armour Proficiencies: The Gorger gains no new weapon or armour proficiences.

Class Features

Endless Maw: when using his Swallow Hole Hollow ability, the Gorger is assumed to be one size category larger for all purposes, even if your size is already Colossal. For each Gorger level the Hollow possess, the damage needed to escape being swallowed is increased by 5, and the gullet's AC is increased by 1.
If a creature dies while swallowed, it is immediately digested as the Devour ability.

Insatiable Hunger: The Gorger gains much more benefit from devouring his prey than most hollows, but at the cost of an ever present hunger.
Whenever the Gorger devours a creature, as per their Devour ability, the morale bonus is increased by an amount equal to their Hollow Gorger level. In addition, devouring a Creature restores 1d4 points of ability damage (if any) to a Gorger
If the Gorger is ever reduced to an Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score of 0, they do not fall unconscious normally. Instead, they are consumed by their base instincts, and go on a feeding frenzy. While in a feeding frenzy, the Hollow is immune to all mind-effecting abilities. The Hollow attacks a nearby source of food within their range of senses, though they retain enough of their minds to prefer enemies to allies. Whilst in a feeding frenzy, he must stop to eat something if possible, regardless of the situation. This stacks with other similar effects, such as Rage or Frenzy. So long as he is not threatened, the Gorger must pass a DC 20 will test not to devour any corpse he chances upon.
For every full day the Hollow has not eaten a creature, or a combined number of creatures, with an ECL within 5 of his own, he suffer a -1 morale penalty to all attack rolls, damage rolls and saves, and a -2 penalty to intellect as their hunger begins to consume his mind.

Lashing Tongue:As he grows in power, the Gorger's tongue becomes longer, capable of catching food at a distance.
The Hollow gains a Tongue attack as a secondary natural weapon, dealing damage equal to that of a Hollow Paragon of 8 levels lower than him (minimum 1d4). This Tongue attack has a reach of 10 feet greater than the Hollow's, and its flexible nature allows it to attack adjacent enemies as well. Whenever the Hollow successfully attacks with his tongue, he may try to either trip or grapple the victim as a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The Tongue may be used to start a Swallow Hole attempt, just as the Hollow's bite attack can, if the foe is adjacent or two or less size categories than the gorger. Unlike most of the Hollow's natural weapons, a gorger has access to their tongue regardless of shape or form.

Regurgitate: Though wasting food is an anthemia to a Gorger, many learn to use the gristlier or more unappetizing parts of a meal as a weapon. This is a special Cero Essence NegaciĆ³n. The Hollow reduces his Morale Bonus from Devour to 0, but the Cero deals an additional 1d6 acid damage for each point of Morale bonus sacrificed.

Extraction: Though the flesh may be dead when eaten, the memory remains imprinted into each morsel, and power leaks out during digestion. From 3rd level onwards, the Hollow is capable of making use of any activated ability known to a creature inside of it's gullet (see Swallow Whole) that does not take more than a single round. They cannot duplicate Shikai or other similar abilities, but they can duplicate abilities from a Shikai or equivalent ability.. They cannot duplicate feats or skills, nor Bankai abilities or equivalent. They can duplicate any Hollow abilities of a level they have access to. The Creature must still be alive for the Hollow to duplicate their abilities.

Acidic Saliva: The Hollow's tongue and jaws are coated in a saliva acidic enough to reduce stone to syrup in a matter of seconds. From 3rd level onwards, the Gorger's Bite and Tongue natural weapons deal an additional 2d6 acid damage. The acid lingers for a number of rounds equal to the Hollow's Gorger Levels, causing a further 1d6 point of acid damage each round, rgeardless of the number of times the gorger hit the foe.
The Hollow is immune to its own saliva.

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