Entry Requirements

Feats: Distinctive Bow
Skills: Concentration 8+, Knowledge (tactics) 10+, spot 8+
Special: Upwelling power class feature

Table: Grupphúrher

Hit Dice: As Base Class

Level Benefit
1 Flexible Formations, Verlegentaktiks
2 Fúhrerwimpel
3 Geist der Stúck
4 Grossfúhrerwimpel
5 Geteilte Fachkenntnis

Skill Points: As Base Class
Class Skills: As Base Class
Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The Gruppfúrher gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies

Class Features

Flexible Formations: The Gruppefúhrer has studied and trained their considerable talents to better lead small units. Verlegentaktiks and Geist Der Stuck work on all allies within 10ft per Gruppfúrher level,This range increases by 5ft for every two non-Gruppefúhrer levels.

Verlegentaktiks: This ability upgrades the Gruppefúhrer's use of Formation Fighting allowing them to direct and command willing subordinates in-line with the ebb and flow of battle. The Gruppefúhrer gains a pool of points equal to his Wisdom Modifier * the Number of allies within range of Flexible Formations, which may be applied on a round by round basis as a morale bonus on any attack roll, damage roll, save or AC to any ally within range, up to a maximum of +5.

Fúhrerwimpel: Cohesion, discipline and espirt d'corps means that a squad of Quincy under the command of a Gruppefúhrer is to be feared indeed. The Gruppefúhrer may as a standard action which provokes an attack of opportunty, create a Fúhrerwimpel to share the spiritual energy of the group. This shared sphere of energy can be accessed by any Ally under the effects of Formation Fighting, allowing them to add or withdraw any number of Spirit Charges/SEP contained within it as a free action. The Fúherwimpel can convert Spirirt Charges to SEP, though each point costs 2 of the other kind (so 2 spirit charges would become 1 SEP, and 2 SEP would become 1 spirit charge).
A Fúhrerwimpel lasts only for the duration of a single battle, any additional conflict requires the creation of a new one.

Geist der Stúck: The true essence of the Quincy is not that of the lone archer but that of disciplined brothers-in-arms, with half-an-hour of training together and learning to watch one another's backs, a squad can spiritually cement their bond. Thereafter, so long as they remain in range, all members of the unit enjoy a deflection bonus to AC equal to the Gruppefúhrer's Charisma Modifier as well as immunity to fear.

Grossfúhrerwimpel: Enhanced by the ambiant acquisition of spirit particles the Fúhrerwimpel becomes far more effective, automatically acquiring one Spirit Charge or SEP for every character in the formation.
Geteilte Fachkenntnis: Every member of the formation brings their own expertise and skills, yet under the skilled eye of the Gruppefúhrer this expertise can be shared. Every member of the formation that benefits from Geist der Stúck also benefits from ½ the bonus from Favoured Enemy (or similar abilities) of the other team members. If they have multiple bonuses against the same target because of this ability, then they use the highest, rather than stacking.

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