Out of all the combat styles of the Quincy, the Heckenschütze could be said to be the most destructive. It focuses on eliminating the enemy before she have a chance to get close, focusing on precision and stopping power, while sacrificing some mobility and rate of fire.

Entry Requirements

Skills: Sense Motive 10 ranks, Spot 6 ranks
Class Features: Seeker Arrow Master Shot

Table: Heckenschütze

Hit Dice: As base class

Level Benefits
1 Sniper, Kill Shot
2 Hirenkyaku Platform
3 Sealing Shot
4 Hide in Plain Sight
5 Perfect Shot

Class skills: As base class, plus Hide
Skill points per level: As base class
Weapon/Armor Proficiencies: A Heckenschütze gains does not gain proficiency with any weapons or armour

Class Features

Kill Shot: The Heckenschütze takes her time to study his target, taking note of its weaknesses and the way she move. When the time is right, she looses an arrow almost entirely guaranteed to stop her target dead.
If the Quincy takes 3 consecutive rounds studying an opponent, she may make a Kill Shot against the target as a full round action, using the Sniper ability. If this shot hits and causes damage, then the victim must make fortitude save (dc 10 + Heckenschúte level + dexterity modifier) or be slain instantly. The Quincy can instead choose to seal her opponent's Reiatsu flow, leaving the victim unable to use SEP, spirit charges or any other spiritual effect. The Heckenschütze can do nothing during these three rounds other than study their victim. If she are interrupted, she must begin studying their victim again. The Heckenschütze must make the Kill Shot the round she finish studying her target, or the benefit is lost.

Sniper: A Heckenschütze places much more preference on accuracy than fire rate, preferring to rely on one accurate shot than a number of wasted arrows.
Whenever the Quincy makes a full attack, she can choose to fire a single arrow which uses her total base attack bonus instead of taking any extra attacks she may have from a high base attack bonus. The sniper shot deals an extra d6 damage per 2 Heckenschütze levels (minimum 1d6), for each attack sacrificed in this manner
The Heckenschütze can still make use of the Manyshot feat during this attack, as well as a web bow, with the normal penalties to hit. A Heckenschütze can also make her seeker arrow use the sniper rule, if she so desire.
In addition, due to the Heckenschütze's eye's growing sharper, she can ignore 10% of miss chance against an opponent per Heckenschütze level when making a Sniper Shot. She must still know where an opponent is to target them
The Heckenschütze must be more that 30 feet away from the target to use this ability.

Hirenkyaku Platform: Whereas most Quincy use their Hirenkyaku to pursue the enemy, a Heckenschütze manipulates spirit particles to create a stable, safe platform, allowing them time to aim in any battlefield.
In addition to the normal use for Hirenkyaku, the Heckenschütze can spend an additional spirit charge to create a platform just big enough for her to stand upon (no balance check needed) at the end of her movement. This platform requires 1 spirit charge per turn to maintain.
The Quincy can spend additional spirit charges to create and maintain a larger platform. This is an extra 2 charges per person. Whenever a Quincy using a Hirenkyaku Platform uses Hirenkyaku, anyone else on the platform moves with her.

Sealing Shot: Every Quincy knows how to track the flow of Reiatsu in her target, but only Heckenschütze train to pinpoint this flow - and neutralise it.
When making a Sniper shot, the Heckenschütze can choose to forgo damage to seal her victims spiritual power. If the shot hits, the victim must make a DC 10 + Heckenschütze level + Wisdom modifier Fortitude save or have its spiritual power sealed for a number of rounds equal to Heckenschütze level, + 1 for every 5 points it failed by. A victim with their spiritual power sealed is unable to use any ability that costs SEP/Spirit charges, but any ability already active remains active for its normal duration.

Hide In Plain Sight: See Ranger. A Heckenschütze can hide in either woodland or urban terrain, chosen when this ability is obtained. Once the choice is made, it cannot be changed

Perfect Kill Shot: An experienced Heckenschütze can shoot with deadly proficiency in a matter of seconds when targeting foes she have experience with. When using her Kill Shot ability against one of her favoured enemies, the Heckenschütze only needs 2 turns to study her victim. In addition, against a favoured enemy, the save dc is increased by 2 for each time the target is a favoured enemy.
In addition, the Heckenschütze can now make use of her Sniper ability on standard attacks, or Master Shots

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