While all fullbringers get their power from Hollows, most try to deny this fact, or reel against it; it is not a power they asked for, but one born of tragedy. The Hellbringer is different, for they embrace this heritage and draw strength from it, rather than shun it as a fault.

Entry Requirements

Feats: Inner Hollow, Terrifying Reiatsu
Skills: Intimidate 8 ranks, knowledge (Heuco Mundo) 8 ranks.
Special: BaB 7+
Class Features: Fullbringing

Table: Hellbringer

Hit Dice: As Base Class

Level Benefit Negación's Known
1 Demon Within, Demon Without, Control 1
2 Crown of Menace 2
3 Heartless Apotheosis, Cero 3
4 Terror Incarnate 4
5 Hollow Evolution 5

Class Skills: As Base Class
Skills per level: As Base Class
Weapon and Armour Proficiencies: The Hellbringer gains no new weapon or armour proficiencies.

Negacións Known: Embracing their hollow heritage has allowed the Fullbringer access to the Hollow's reality warping powers. At each level of Hellbringer, they learn a new Negación from the standard or Gillian level Negacións. If they are over 12th level, they can learn Aduchas level Negacións as well.

Demon Within, Demon Without: The Fullbringer unleashes his hollow powers along with his fullbring, changing its form to one more natural and more monstrous.
The Fullbringer fullbring changes in the following ways:

  • He gains the hollow subtype (see below)
  • The Fullbringers hands end in wicked talons, giving him two natural claw attacks that deal damage as a fullbring weapon, without any enhancement bonuses from level. If he weilds a weapon, then his claws are secondary weapons. He cannot use a claw attack if he holds something in the relevant hand.
  • The Fullbringer gains DR X/- and +X Natural Armour, where X is their character level divided by 5, as their skin hardens to emulate a Hollow's Heiro.
  • The Fullbringer has darkvision 60ft and the scent property, as a Hollow
  • The Fullbringer gains immunity to fear, and they gain a +4 morale bonus on saves against enchantments and mind-affecting abilities.

In addition, the quincy can select hollow feats or qualify for ability with the hollow subtype as a prerequisite. these abilities are active so long as the hellbringer's fullbring is

Control: The hellbringer's inner hollow is no longer an enemy, but an ally. The Hellbringer no longer needs to make saves to restrain her inner-hollow. Whenever her HP is reduced to an amount where the Hollow would take over, the Hellbringer chooses to let it take control or not.
Alternately, the Hellbringer can choose to have her inner-hollow take control at any time, so long as her fullbring is active.

Crown of Menace: The Fullbringer is capable of using their spiritual power to cause terror and panic, and their fullbring cloaks them in an aura of horror. As a standard action, the Fullbringer generates an aura of menace, with a radius of 30ft. All creatures entering the aura that the fullbringer considers an enemy must pass a will save (DC 10 + ½ character level + reiatsu modifier) or suffer a penalty to all attack rolls, damage rolls, saves and AC equal to 1 + ½ Hellbringer level. This persists for 24 hours, or until the creature strikes the fullbringer. Once a creature has pass their save, or shaken off the effects of the aura, they cannot be effected again for another 24 hours. This is a fear effect.

Cero: The Hellbringer is capable of focusing their spiritual energy into a blast of highly destructive capabilities. From 3rd level onwards, they can use Cero (see the Hollow Class Feature for more information)

Heartless Apotheosis: The Fullbringer is capable of assuming a much more Hollow-Like form when unleashing their fullbring to it's fullest. Whilst using Fullbring Evolution, the fullbringer can increase the activation cost by 10 SEP to allow his inner hollow to wake. He gains all the benefits of his inner hollow, save he is capable of controling his actions enough to select his targets. Whilst in Heartless Apotheosis, he gains 2 hollow abilities of his choice, of up to Adjuchas level.

Terror Incarnate: The fullbringer is capable of unsettling the staunchest of hearts, and sending experienced warriors running. They have a terrifying presence, that effects any creature they charge or otherwise attack. The creature must pass a will save (dc 10 + ½ character level + Reiatsu modifier) or be frightened for 1d4 rounds, and shaken for the same duration, if their ECL is ½ the Fullbringer's or less, or be shaken for 1d4 rounds otherwise. A creature can only be effected by the Fullbringer's frightful presence once per 24 hours.

Hollow Evolution: The Hellbringer is capable of bringing the full might of their inner hollow into the world, assuming a form much like an Arrancar's Resurrección. The fullbringer gains two standard Hollow abilities with the sealed property, that are active whilst his fullbring is active. Whilst using Heartless Apotheosis, he can select a further 2 hollow abilities of up to adjuchas level. These abilities must be ones without the sealed property.
Lastly, from now onwards, the fullbringer permanently benefits from the Hollow Subtype, and they are capable of selecting hollow abilities of up to the Adjuchas level whenever they could gain a new fullbring ability. Abilities that do not work while sealed only function during heartless apotheosis, and the fullbringer must have his fullbring active to benefit from any Hollow abilities.

Hollow Subtype

  • Type changes to Outsider, with the humanoid and hollow subtypes
  • Can Balance on air/walk through walls as a Hollow
  • Darkvision 60ft, low light vision and scent
  • Hit dice increase to d8, unless already d8 or greater.
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