Hollow Feats

Hollow Feats

Hollow Feats are feats that represent the way a Hollow's body changes. They are mainly avaliable to Hollows, but anyone with the Hollow subtype (or temporary access) can also access them.

If a character does not have the Hollow subtype at all times (such as a Vizard or Hellbringer) then any hollow feats they possess are only active whilst said subtype is.

Feat Name Prerequisites Description
Expanded Hollow Abilities Hollow Subtype Gain an additional Hollow ability up to the highest level available to you
Extra Negación Hollow Subtype, Access to Negacións The Hollow knows an additional Negación beyond what they would normally know.

Expanded Hollow Abilities
Prerequisites: Hollow Subtype
Effect: The Hollow has an additional Hollow abillity, up to the highest level they could normally access
Special: This abillity may be taken multiple times. the effects stack.

Extra Negación
Prerequisites: Hollow Subtype, access to Negacións
Effect: The Hollow knows an additional Negación, up to the highest level they could normally access

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