Hollow Powerhouse

The Hollow powerhouse is the quitesential hollow in all it's glory. Large, monstrous and powerful, the powerhouse is not one for subtlty, woe betide those who find themselves within his reach, for their days are numbered

Table: Hollow Powerhouse
Hit Die: d10

Level Base Attack Bonus Good Save Poor Saves Special Nat weapon damage Def. Bonus Negacións
1 1 2 0 Hollow Subtype, Hollow Evolution, Bonus Feat, Cero 1d8 6 2
2 2 3 0 Bonus Feat 1d8 7 2
3 3 3 1 Hollow Evolution 1d8 7 3
4 4 1 1 Mettle, Heiro 1d10 8 3
5 5 2 1 Gillian, Hollow Evolution 1d10 8 4
6 6/1 5 2 Bonus Feat 1d10 9 4
7 7/2 2 2 Hollow Evolution 1d10 9 5
8 8/3 6 2 Devour 2d6 10 5
9 9/4 6 3 Hollow Evolution 2d6 10 6
10 10/5 7 3 Adjuchas, Bonus Feat 2d6 11 6
11 11/6/1 7 3 Hollow Evolution 2d6 11 7
12 12/7/2 8 4 Bala 2d8 12 7
13 13/8/3 8 4 Hollow Evolution 2d8 12 8
14 14/9/4 9 4 Bonus Feat 2d8 13 8
15 15/10/5 9 5 Hollow Evolution, Vasto Lorde 2d8 13 9
16 16/11/6/1 10 5 Predatory Instincts 2d10 14 9
17 17/12/7/2 10 5 Hollow Evolution 2d10 14 10
18 18/13/8/3 11 6 Bonus Feat 2d10 15 10
19 19/14/9/4 11 6 Hollow Evolution 2d10 15 11
20 20/15/10/5 12 6 Bonus Feat, Living Siege Engine 2d12 16 11

Class Skills: Any 9, plus Knowledge (Heuco Mundo)
Skill Points per level: 4 + int modifier. X 4 at first level

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Before becoming an Adjuchas, the hollow is not proficient with any weapons or armor aside. After becoming an Adjuchas, the Hollow is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as all armor and shields (excluding tower shields). If they wield a weapon they cannot make any attacks with their natural weapons.

Hollow Subtype: The Hollow Powerhouse is, of course, a Hollow and gains the basic traits of one, though she retains her personality and mind, unlike most hollows. Note that she does not gain the hollow template, or any of the abilities inherent to that. This replaces all characteristics of her race other than attribute modifiers, movement speed and methods, and size modifiers.
* She is an outsider, with the [Humanoid],[Spirit] and [Hollow] subtypes.
* She has the Scent special ability. This is based of spiritual pressure rather than scent itself.
* She has blindsense out to 60 ft
* Her defence bonus is equal 5 + ½ their class level.
* She has damage reduction 10/spiritual. A spiritual attack is one made by a zanpakuto/fullbring/hollow etc, Kido, or any effect that consumes some SEP to activate.
* Hollows are highly resistant. She has all of her hit dice maximised rather than rolled, and she dies only when her hit points are equal to 0 – ½ maximum hit points. When Below 0 hit points, she retains consciousness and regains 1 hit point per round. She is still considered Helpless unless she has feats that allow her to act when below 0 hit points.
* Whilst on a material plane, she always counts as having a running start and the run feat for the purpose of jumping, and she can attempt to balance on anything, even air (see modified skills section)
* Whilst on a material plane, she is immune to the effects of drowning, weather etc. this does not apply in spiritual planes such as soul society, or against weather created or controlled by spiritual energy.
* Whilst on a material plane, she can spend a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity to move as though she where incorporeal.

Cero(Su): Also known as Hollow Flash, a Cero is a beam of condensed spiritual energy of incredible destructive force.
From 1st level onwards, the Hollow is able to fire a Cero as a full-round action that provokes an attack of oportunity. A cero is a Line shaped burst, with a width of 5 ft, and a length equal to the Hollow's class level * 10. A cero deals 1d6 damage per SEP expended to fire it. The victims are entitled to a reflex save for half damage.
All damage dealt by Cero is spiritual energy. Cero can be modified by Cero Esscance and Cero Form Negacións

Natural Weapons: The hollow begins the game with one natural weapon of her choice, be it a bite, claw, gouge etc. This is a primary weapon that adds 1+1/2 of her strength bonus on all attacks and has a critical threat range of 19-20 and 2 * critical hit damage. Whenever she would gain another attack through Base Attack progression, she gains a secondary natural weapon of her choice. This weapon is identical to a standard natural weapon of the appropriate type (see SRD).
The Hollow deals damage with their natural weapon as shown in table 1.1: Hollow Powerhouse Paragon. Her Natural weapon damage is unaffected by size.

Negacións (Su): A Hollow gains the instinctive ability to manipulate the natural chaos of Heuco Mundo, and to bring some of that influence with them to the other worlds. The Hollow begins the game with 2 Negacións from the Standard Hollow Negación list. At odd numbered level thereafter they gain one Negación of their choice from any Negacións they have available to them.
At 5th level, the Hollow gains access to the Gillian Hollow Negacións.
At 10th level, the Hollow gains access to the Adjuchas Hollow Negacións.
At 15th level, the Hollow gains access to the Vasto Lorde Hollow Negacións.
At 4th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, the hollow may exchange one Negación they know for another available to them. This does not need to be the same level as the Negación exchanged, though they must meet any prerequisites for the new Negación as standard. They cannot exchange a Negación that is a prerequisite for another they possess.
Cero Morph and Cero Eccence: Negacións with the Cero Morph descriptor effect the Hollow's Cero/Bala and modify how it functions, rather than being abilities in and of themselves. You may only apply one of each to a single Cero

Hollow Evolution(Ex): The Hollow's body is constantly evolving and adapting as she grows in power, striving to become the ultimate being. At 1st level, and every 2 levels thereafter, as indicated on table 1.1: Hollow Powerhouse, the Hollow gains one Hollow Ability. Once a Hollow Ability has been chosen, it cannot be changed.

Bonus Feat: At 2nd level and every four levels thereafter, the Hollow gains a Bonus feat. This can be any feat she meets the prerequisites for.

Mettle(ex): A powerhouse hollow is capable of shrugging off most strikes without pause. At 4th level he gains Mettle as a bonus feat, even if he dosen't meet the prerequisites. This increases to improved mettle at 10th level

Heiro(Ex): As a hollow becomes more powerful, her skin hardens to resist incoming blades and strikes. At 4th level, she gains dr 4/-. this is increased by 2 every 2 levels thereafter, to a maximum of DR 20/- at level 20

Gillian(Ex): Unlike a normal Hollow, the Hollow Paragon does not need to be subsumed into a mass of hollows and sacrifice their individuality to become more powerful. Instead, they gain the power of a Gillian whilst retaining their identity.
From 5th level onwards, the Hollow is a Gillian. he gains a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws, their dark vision increases by 60 ft and their defence bonus by + 4. his DR/spiritual increases by 10.
If the Hollow so desires, they can immediately gain the Change Size hollow power.
Gillian can open a Garganta (su) as a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. A garganta is a rip in the fabric of realms between Heuco Mundo and another world. Travelling through a Garganta takes 10 minutes. Any spiritually aware creature can see a garganta, and can see what is happening on the other side perfectly. Anyone can use a Garganta if it is not closed.
She gain no change to her size, unlike NPC hollows.

Devour(Ex): A Gillian grows in power by devouring the corpses of other hollows, to gain their powers and to offset the flow of devolution, as well as to sate the eternal hunger. The Paragon may be free of her need to feed, but that does not mean the urge is gone.
From 8th level onwards, the Hollow is able to eat the corpses of other creatures to become more powerful and to restore her wounds. From 8th level onwards, the Hollow is able to eat and digest practically anything without the risk of injury or disease, though poisons still take effect as normal. If she eats a creature with spiritual power, she gains a number of temporary hit points and SEP equal to it's ECL, and a morale bonus to all attack rolls equal to it's ECL/5 + 1. These last one hour. Bonuses from Devour do not stack.
How creatures react to the hollow eating something else varies from creature to creature.

Adjuchas(Ex): An Adjuchas is the next step in evolution for a hollow, considered capable of challenging a captain and are far more intelligent than their predecessors. They have a much more refined, human like form, and many of the traits lost when they became a hollow are beginning to return.
At 10th level, the Hollow becomes an Adjuchas. he gains a +4 bonus to strength and constitution.
An Adjuchas has access to a much more potent suite of powers than the standard hollow. From now on, he can select
Adjuchas level powers when gaining Hollow powers, and he immediately gains 4 hollow abilities. he can also select Adjuchas level Negacións now.
When the hollow becomes an Adjuchas, he gains a much greater grasp of his Cero. he can now use the area effect Cero as a standard action instead of a full-round action.
Lastly, unlike most hollows that become smaller when becoming an Adjuchas, the hollow can choose to either change their size to their racial norm, trading in all instances of the change size hollow power for any other standard hollow power they qualify for, or choosing to gain another application of the change size hollow power.
A hollow that reduces it's size looses any attributes penalties from their Change Size ability, but retains their attributes bonuses. A Hollow that has traded in it's Change size ability cannot take Change Size again

Bala(Ex): An Adjuchas has the power to condense her spiritual energy into solid matter and launch it at a target with frightening speed and accuracy. From 12th level onwards, the hollow can fire a number of Bala as a full round action. Each Bala is a ranged attack that deals 1d6 damage per 2 SEP expended to fire, and the hollow fires a number of shots equal to the number of attacks she could make in a full attack action. The Bala has a range equal to 10 ft per character level.
The Hollow can choose to expend 3 SEP per 1d6 damage to make the Bala a ranged touch attack. As Bala is a variation of Cero, it can have Cero Esscence Negacións applied to it. It cannot have Cero Form Negacións applied, as it is at it's base a highly complex Cero Form Negación

Vasto Lorde(Ex): A Vasto Lorde is the ultimate form of a Hollow and the pinnacle of his evolution. his power is almost beyond compare, and it is believed that even half a dozen of them entering soul society would be the end.
From 15th level onwards, the Hollow is a Vasto Lorde. he improves his Darkvision to Blindsight, and increases his racial save bonus to +2. he gains a furthis + 4 bonus to dexterity, and a + 2 bonus to all mental attributes.
The Vasto Lorde immediately selects two Vasto lorde level hollow powers. he does not gain the option to select further powers from this list, though he does gain the option to choose Vasto Lorde level Negacións.
His size returns to medium, as it did when he became an Adjuchas, save that all size changes are automatically traded in. his appearance, save for the mask and the aura of dark power, is the same as it was when he was alive, and he has regain all of his memories and personality. he can freely manifest any aspect of his hollow-appearance when it is convenient, such as wings or natural weapons. He does not lose any bonuses from his previous appearance, such as the speed increase.
Lastly, the hollow gains access to the Shift Form hollow power, even if they do not meet the prerequisites.

Living Siege Engine(Su): The hollow is a living force of destruction, capable of literally walking through most obstacles without slowing down.
The Hollow ignores hardness of any object he strikes. The Hollow can ignore any penalties to his actions from size category (such as trying to trip a larger creature).
As a swift action that costs 20 SEP, the Hollow can become any size of their choice, for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 their character level.
The hollow gains an enhancement bonus to its constitution and one other attribute equal to its hit dice. If the Hollow's size increases, it's strength increases, otherwise it's dexterity increases
The Hollow's reach cannot drop below 5 feet, regardless of the size he assumes. It increases as normal for increasing size catagories

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