Kido Adept

Entry Requirements

Feats: Enlightened
Skills: Knowledge (any two pertaining to Shinigami and/or magic) 10+
Special: Level 7+
Special: Reiatsu Attribute 13+
Special: Must be unable to cast Kido

Hit Die: d6 (replaces base class)

Table: Kido Adept

Level Special Spells Known Highest spell level avaliable
1 Kido 3 1st
2 - 4 1st
3 Kido Feat 6 2nd
4 - 7 2nd
5 - 9 3rd
6 Kido Feat 10 3rd
7 - 12 4th
8 - 13 4th
9 Kido Feat 15 5th
10 - 16 5th

Class Skills: As base class plus Spellcraft
Skill Points: As Base Class

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Kido Adept gains no new weapon or armour proficiency

Class Features

Kido: A kido adept is a character who has taken the time to study the intricacies of the Demon Arts, and began to master the path of Kido. They know a number of spells from the Kido Spell list equal to the amount shown on the table above.
When they take their first level in this class, they know three spells and can select 1st level spells. They gain another spell every level thereafter, and another spell on any level they learn a new spell level (thus getting two spells on that level). They obtain a new spell level every two levels, up to a maximum of level 9.
Their caster level is equal to their Kido Adept level + ½ their non-kido adept levels when casting spell gained through this class.

Kido Feat: at 3rd level, and every 3 levels thereafter, the Kido adept gains one Kido feat of her choice, so long as she meets the prerequisites for it.

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