Kido Corps Specialist

There is currently little information on the Kido Corps (鬼 道 衆 , kidōshū), except that it takes students from the Shinigami Academy that excel in demon arts and that its operations are executed in absolute secrecy. The main mission of the Kido Corps is marshalling the borders of the known spiritual realms, making sure no being or other extraordinary phenomenon’s enter or leave the dimension of the Soul society uncontrolled. They are also often sent on scouting missions to the new or unknown demiplanes that often pops up in the spiritual void between the realms. The Kido Corps is also responsible for opening the Senkaimon (穿 界 門 , Senkaimon lit. world penetration gate) between the human world and Soul Society.

Entry Requirements

Feats: Kido Artist, Enlightened
Skills: Spellcraft 12 ranks
Special: Shikai class feature

++Table: Kido Corps Specialist
Hit Dice: d4 or base class (whichever is higher)

Level Benefits
1st Hankai Hanki
2nd Bonus kido Feat
3rd Senkaimon
4th Bonus kido Feat
5th Gate of Jigoku

Class Skills: As base class
Skill Points: As Base Class

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Kido Corps Specialists gain no additional weapon or armour proficiencies.

Class Features

Hanki: This technique nullifies an opponent's supernatural (Kidō, Cero, Elemental Release damage…) attack by hitting them with a perfectly opposite surge of energy. The Kidō Corp Specialist must spends 1 spellpoint per d6 of damage or opponent spell points spent he wants to fend off. He must guess the correct amount, or can make a Spellcraft check (DC 10+necessary spell points). If his bid is superior to the attacker's damage dices or spent points, he has successfully nullified the attack.

Bonus Kido Feat: At second and fourth levels, a Kido Corps Specialist may select a bonus Kido feat.

Senkaimon: Once per day you may create a Gate as per the spell, with a spellcaster level equal to your character level. One of the Gate exits must be Soul Society.

Gate of Jigoku: This is one of the most well kept secret from the Kidō Corps. Their long study of the spirit realms have given them power over Hell itself. Once per day, A Kidō Corp can summon the gates of hell (giant doors held by skeletons) which appears and begin to open. A giant, laughing spiritual being with a blade spears the Victim and drags it down into hell. This ability functions as the Imprisonment spell.

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