The Bount are a clan of souls that sustain themselves by devouring the souls of humans, enabling them to live despite the ravages of time. For some Bount, the power they gain from the souls of the dead is not enough, and they begin to hunt the living. And for the most far gone come the Krusink- Bount that hunt other Bount.
First created as an act of defence against a crazed clansman that threatened all of the Bount with his unrestrained appetite, the Krusink are the progenitors of the vampire mythos. The process of devouring their own kind endows the Bount with improved strength and speed, yet they slowly lose their mind and their humanity to the thirst.
Playstyle: The Krusink PrC is an enhancement to the bounto themselves, rather than their doll. It allows the bounto to hold their own if their doll is distracted or missing, though not to be able to fight one on one without said doll except in very favourable circumstances.

Entry Requirements

Feats: Bloodied
Special: Have eaten the soul of another Bount
Special: Level 7+

Table: Krusink

Hit Dice: As Base Class

Level Special
1 Stalker of the Night, Walking Damned
2 Form of the Beast
3 Life in the Blood, Shriving Gaze
4 Upon Dark Pinions
5 Life-Draining Touch

Class Skills: As Base Class
Skill Points: As Base Class
Weapon and Armour proficiency: The Krusink gains proficiency with all simple and martial weapons, as well as all light and medium armour, as well as light and heavy shields.

Class Features

Stalker of the Night: Perhaps it is the shame that drives the Krusink to the darkness, or perhaps their morphed physiology is better adapted to the night. Regardless, the Krusink is as much at home in the darkness as the light, and a deadly monster in any light.
The Krusink gains darkvision 60 feet, and low light vision. She gains the scent ability, out to 30ft.
The Krusink gains wild empathy, as a ranger, save she can only use it on wolves, bats, rats, or other nocturnal predators.
If the Krusink deals a killing blow to any creature with a soul, she regains HP equal to ½ that creature's number of hit dice.
While not exposed to direct sunlight, the Krusink increases her strength and constitution by ½ her Krusink level, to a maximum of +2 to both at level 4.
The Krusink can climb sheer surfaces as if she benefited from Spider Climb

Walking Damned: The Krusink know their time in this world is limited, that eventually their source of life – their own kind – will be extinguished. This has given rise to an almost suicidal determination in most of them. The Krusink is immune to fear, regardless of the source.

Form of the Beast: As she grows more powerful, the Krusink becomes more and more bestial, her guise as a living creature falling away. The Krusink gains two claw attacks as primary natural weapons that she can extend or retract at will. These deal damage as appropriate for a creature of her size (1d4 for a medium creature). She cannot use her claw if she wields a weapon in the same hand.

Life in the Blood: Though the souls of lesser creatures barely sate the Krusink's thirst, they are enough to dim the roar of it. If a Krusink of 3rd level successfully pins a creature, she can drain some of its blood. The creature suffers 1d3 point of constitution damage, with a DC 10 + ½ the Krusink's character level + strength modifier fortitude save to reduce the damage to 0. The Krusink regains 5 hit points per point of constitution drained.

Shriving Gaze: At 3rd level, a Krusink is capable of staring at a creature and judging how much life it has left, and how satisfying its soul will be to consume. As a swift action, the Krusink can make a gaze attack against a single creature with a soul within 60 feet. The creature is entitled to a reflex save to avoid the attack. If the creature fails its save, the Krusink immediately learns how much health the creature has left, what age category it is in, and if it is suffering from a poison or disease. The Krusink does not learn what this disease is, or any other details.

Upon Dark Pinions: By 4th level, a Krusink has almost shed her humanity, her body now almost as bestial as a Hollow's. The Krusink gains a pair of black-feathered wings that allow her to fly at twice her base land speed with average manoeuvrability. So long as the Krusink is not using these wings to fly, they can be used to make two wing buffet natural attacks.

Life-Draining Touch: At 5th level, a Krusink is capable of draining the soul of her prey through her claws, leaving those she strikes as desiccated husk at best, or a pile of soulless dust at worse. The Krusink's claw attacks inflict a single negative level, with a DC 10 + ½ character level + Reiatsu modifier fortitude save to resist. The Krusink's blood draining from her Life in the Blood class feature can inflict con damage or negative levels, at her discretion. Negative levels the Krusink inflict last an hour per character level, but have no chance of becoming permanent. The Krusink recovers 5 HP for each negative level they inflict.

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