New Items

Some characters, Quincy especially, utilize various items in and out of combat. Below is a list of special items that can be found within the world of Bleach.
The pricing and item creation rules were made by Volos from the Giant in the Playground forums.

Gigai (False Body): Gigai are false bodies that Shinigami can use to work undercover in the human world or to restore their power if it is lost for any reason. While in a Gigai, a Shinigami appears as a normal human, and can still use Kido. However, their hp total is halved, as is their effective caster level for the purposes of casting Kido. While resembling human bodies, Gigai do not require nourishment or partake in any of the general biology that most human bodies do. However, certain, specially-designed Gigai are far closer to the bodies of real humans, even to the point of reducing one’s Reiatsu until the Shinigami becomes completely human.

  • Faint of Moderate Bakudo; CL 7th (Simple), 13th (Advanced); Craft Wonderous Item,
    Escape Detection (Simple), Control Body (Simple & Advanced), Mind Blank, Personal
    Advanced); Price 1,400 gp (Simple); 4,550 gp (Advanced)

Gikongan (Soul Candy): Gikongan implants a Gigai (or human body) with an artificial soul, pushing the current soul that inhabits it out. Soul Candy comes in a variety of brands, each with their own distinctive personality that are pre-programmed into the Soul Candy. Some Gikongan contain Modified Souls, augmented souls that were intended to be placed in dead bodies to combat hollows. However, this operation was scrapped and most of the Modified Souls were destroyed.

  • Faint Bakudo; CL 7th; Brew Potion, Brain Lock, Dominate, Psionic; Price 140 gp (1),
    1400 gp (20)

Hōgyoku (Orb of Distortion): This item breaks down the barrier between Shinigami and hollow. This allows Shinigami to gain the power of hollows and vice-versa. Although there are other, unknown methods to cross the barrier, this is the only known way to Artificially create Vizard or Arrancar.

Kikanshinki (Memory Replacement Device): This device can be used to replace the memories of humans who witnessed and survived a hollow attack, knocking them unconscious in the process. They awaken later with their memory of the hollow suppressed and a random, often comical, memory of the occurrence in its place.

  • Faint Bakudo; CL 7th; Craft Wonderous Item, Modify Memory, Psionic; Price 700 gp

Soul Phone: This device functions as both a hollow-tracking device and as a communications device, its second ability much akin to that of a human cellular phone. The Hollow-Tracker indicates all hollows within up to a mile radius, and allows for several settings to track hollow movement closer to the bearer’s location via GPS. When tracking, the Hollow Tracker makes a Reiatsu tracking check on the entire location within the prescribed range (1/4 mile, . mile, 1 mile). The check is treated as 10 for the purposes of hollows using disguise. This device will only detect hollows Reiatsu, other beings with intense Reiatsu will not show up on the Hollow Tracker. In addition, the Mobile Phone records and sends the exact time and location of a hollow emergence and tracks the Shinigami’s kills, which can be redeemed for money based on the bounty on the head of the hollow.

  • Faint Bakudo; CL 3rd; Craft Wonderous Item, Detect Kido, Missive; Price 200 gp

Sanrei Glove: A device used by the Quincy to push themselves beyond their normal limit. A Quincy may begin training with a Sanrei glove by putting it on. After doing so, they must summon their bow by making a Will Save, DC 20. Once they do so, they must train for one week straight, making a Will Save (DC 10+the number of the day) and a Fort Save (DC 10+ the number of the day) every day. If at any point they fail to make their save, the training is a failure, and they must start over again. If the training is successful, the Quincy has the amount of Spirit Charges they gather every time they use Spirit Charge increased by 3, and their Maximum Spirit Charge Capacity is increased by 10. If this character ever removes their Sanrei glove, they enter Quincy Final Form for three hours, and then fall.

Seele Schneider: A specially forged Quincy arrow, it tears the spirit particles out of a target by vibrating through them. When used, it deals 2d8+4 damage, and may not have its To Hit or Damage enhanced by paying Spirit Charges. If used as an arrow it deals arrow damage +2d6, the Seele Schneider is destroyed if it hits the target. If not, it falls in their square. If it hits, the next Quincy to use Spirit Charge gains an additional amount of Spirit Charges equal to the damage Seele Schneider dealt.

  • Price: 8,000gp

Soul Separation Glove: This glove bears a flame-and-skull mark and can be used to push past human or Gigai bodies and remove the soul or Gikongan inside.

  • Faint Bakudo; CL 3rd, Craft Wonderous Item, Mental Disruption; Price 300 gp

Tenshintai (Divine Transfer Body): This device forces the Zanpakuto that impales it into its manifested form, allowing the bearer of the Zanpakuto to challenge it and attempt to defeat it in order to obtain Bankai. The materialization lasts for one day, before the Tenshintai returns to doll form. The use of the Tenshintai more than three consecutive times can prove fatal to the user.

  • Strong Bakudo; CL 11th; Craft Wonderous Item, Dominate, Psionic, Aura Alteration;
    Price 6,600 gp
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