New Skills

Bleach D20 employs several new skills to capture the feel of Bleach. These skills mostly revolve around the manipulation of spiritual energy, or Reiatsu

Suppress Reiatsu (Reiatsu Attribute)
Suppress Reiatsu is a skill that can be used to hide your Reiatsu from prying eyes. Whenever you desire, you may attempt to disguise your Reiatsu as a standard action. You can keep your Reiatsu disguised for as long as you wish, but you must wait five minutes after dropping your Reiatsu suppression before attempting to suppress it again.
If you use any ability that consumes SEP, or maintain an ability that had an SEP cost to activate (such as a shinigami's Shikai), your Reiatsu Suppression is immediately dropped, and people can sense your Reiatsu once more.
While disguising your Reiatsu, if someone makes a Sense Motive check to sense you, compare the respective results. If your Suppress Reiatsu check is higher, they fail to sense your Reiatsu entirely. The amount that they beat your check by is how well they judged your Reiatsu. By each two points they exceed your check, they uncover 10% of your apparent ability, so someone who only exceeds your check by 2 will sense you at only one tenth of your true power, whereas someone who exceeds your check by 20 or more will fully discern your level of power.
As Suppress Reiatsu is a skill that uses your Reiatsu attribute to determine the effectiveness, the attribute used to determine the effectiveness is the same as the once chosen at character creation

New Uses for Existing Skills

Bleach D20 skills have been rebalanced to capture more of a Bleach feel. Any skill not listed here remains more or less unchanged.

Spirits are able to stand on air with ease if properly trained, and they react differently to small and unstable material. A character stated to be able to balance like a shinigami uses the following balance table.

Skill DCs:

Width DC
7-12 in. Wide Automatic
2-6 in. Wide 5
<2 in. Wide 10
Liquid 15
Air 25

There are many items that can only be created by utilizing Reiatsu in Bleach D20. These items are:

Item DC
Gigai 35
Gikongan 30
Kikanshinki 30
Soul Phone 20
Soul Separation Glove 20
Tenshintai 40

Crafting a Shinigami Item works just like crafting a standard item, in that you must pay for raw materials equaling 1/3 of the total cost of the final product, except for the following:

  • Crafting Shinigami Items requires the 12th Division Tinker feat.
  • Each Shinigami item has spell effects similar to a caster of a certain level. In order to replicate the spell effects, you must expend SP equal to twice the item's CL to create the effect.
  • You may expend SP to cover some of the cost of the raw materials. If you do, each SP spent in this way counts as 2 g.p. of the raw materials cost.
  • Multiple characters may work on the same product, given that they have the same craft skill. Each character past the first that works on the project adds a cumulative +1 bonus to the craft result. In addition, the characters aiding the one who initiated the craft check may expend SP for raw materials cost. If they do, each SP spent in this way amount to 2 g.p. of raw materials.

Furthermore, upon taking the Craft Skill, the character may choose to specialize in making a particular Shinigami item. If they do, they choose which item to specialize in, and gain a +3 bonus on crafting items of that type. Specializing in Craft (Gigai), then, would comprise of the Int. mod, all ranks, and a +3 misc. bonus. A character may not specialize in a single Shinigami item more than once, but they may specialize in multiple Shinigami items, or have a specialized Craft and the basic Craft (Shinigami) skills.

In addition to its normal function, Intimidate allows you to overwhelm foes with your Reiatsu, known as a Reiatsu Surge.
A Reiatsu surge is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Make an intimidate check against one foe within 100ft, who makes either an opposed Intimidate, Sense Motive or Level check (their choice).
If you win, your opponent takes a -1 penalty on all attack and damage rolls, and all saves, for 1 round, + 1 round per every 5 points you beat your opponent by (max 5). For every five points you exceed their roll by, they take another, cumulative -1 penalty, to a maximum of -5.
If they defeat your roll, they throw off your surge by pushing back with their own Reiatsu, causing you to become dazed for rounds equal to ½ the amount they defeated your surge by rounded down, to a minimum of 1.

Spirits jump much higher and farther than normal, what with them having no mass (and being anime characters). If a character is a Shinigami/Hollow, or has the ability to jump like one, then all Jump DC's are halved, and they always count as having a running start and the Run feat to determine jump distance.

Knowledge (Art):
You are very familiar with art from both the Soul Society and the physical world, as well as the different Artistic periods of both worlds. If you succeed a DC 15 check, you know the person responsible for the creation of the art. On a DC 25, you can tell when, what year, and why the art was created. If you succeed a DC 50 check, you can tell whether or not a piece of art has a hidden message. If it does, then a successful Intelligence check (DC 45) reveals the purpose of the message.
Synergy: As long as you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Art), you gain a +2 bonus to Appraise checks in relation to pieces of art.

Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences):
The actions that people and the thoughts behind them are a mysterious thing. Some people, however, make a living reading the way people think and act. Whenever someone tries to intimidate, bluff, or attempt to use diplomacy on you, you may make a Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) with a DC equal to the opponent's roll. If you succeed, you gain a +1 bonus on your next Sense Motive (in the case of Intimidate or Bluff) or Diplomacy check, which increases by an additional +1 for every five points you exceed the check. If you fail the check by 4 or less, you gain no bonus, and upon a failure by 5 points or more, you gain a -1 penalty to your check.

Knowledge (Business):
You are well versed in the ins and outs of business, and know the ethics as well as the back of your hand. When you succeed a DC 25 check, you may attempt to increase the price for your services or goods, or decrease the price on goods or services you purchase. For every 5 points you beat the DC, the price changes up or down by 5%.

Knowledge (Current Events):
Time never slows down, and new things are happening all the time. Not everybody can keep up with everything that happens, but you can:

Check DC Result
10 Common knowledge
20 Known by a few, said to be a rumor
25 Mysterious Whisperings, thought to be a lie to gather attention
35 Secret Knowledge, recen transgressions by noble families
45 Top secret, classified only to Captains
55 Knowledge reserved only for the Soutaichou

This Check can only be made to discover something that has recently happened. For instance, if your campaign takes place just before Aizen betrayed the Soul Society, you cannot make a check to "hear" about the events that exiled certain captains over one hundred years ago. A failed check by 4 or less points indicates that you either don't know what is going on, or can't find anything out. Failure by 5 or more imparts false knowledge.

Knowledge (Kido Lore):
You know the origins of Kido, including who created the kido, when they created, and what particular uses it may have. Furthermore, you know the composition of the Kido. Whenever you are the target of a Kido, you may make a Knowledge (Kido Lore) check vs. the Kido's Save DC, if it has one, or their caster level + their Cha. If you succeed, you know what Kidou they are casting. If you succeed the check by 5 or more, you can also tell whether the Kidou has been modified.
Synergy: As long as you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Kido Lore), for every 5 ranks you have, your Hado class spells deal +1d6 damage, and your Bakudo class spells have +2 to their Break DC.

Knowledge (Negacion):
Not all Hollows are created equally. Some have innate knowledge of what makes them what they are. They are exceedingly adept at adjusting themselves to whatever situation may arise. For Shinigami, this knowledge manifests as the ability to battle Hollows effectively. Characters with this skill may make a Knowledge (Negacion) check opposed to the attacking Hollow's character level. If the check is successful, you gain a +1 bonus to your Reflex save for every five points to dodge that Hollow's next Cero.
Synergy: As long as you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Negacion), your Cero, if you have one, deals +1d6 damage for every 5 ranks you have.

Knowledge (Popular Culture):
Nothing really beats knowing what is trending right now. With a successful DC 10 check, you are able to distinguish why some people dress in a particular way, or what well-known symbols mean. Beating a DC 15 allows you tell differing cliques apart when in a large group of people. Whenever you beat a DC 25, you can begin to understand how people feel based upon the style they choose, and beating a DC 35 tells you if a particular person is part of a gang or other organization, based entirely off the descriptive clothing they wear.
Synergy: As long as you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Popular Culture), you gain +2 to Appraise checks when trying to discern which group may have made an item, and +2 to Craft checks with masterwork (trendy) components (i.e., a family crest that beefs up the shield).

Sense Motive:
Sense Motive can also be used to summon Reiraku, the spirit cords. Reiraku allows you to locate people with great spiritual energy, and functions much as a detect evil spell, but at greater range. Summoning the Reiraku is an alternate feature of the track function, and uses the following mechanics. When sensing for someone’s spirit energy, make a sense motive check. For each number of the result, add 5 feet to the radius that sense extends outward to (so a result of 10 would mean that you were able to sense all spirit energy within 50 feet of you). The results are the same as if you had used a detection spell at that range (refer to the spell description for the exact list of effects). You may only summon Reiraku once every five minutes.

Tumble checks to ignore falling damage are much easier for a spirit to make. Any character that can Jump or Balance like a Shinigami Treat a fall as if it were 10 feet less, and each additional 10ft only adds +5 to the tumble DC.

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