Not entirely Serious Things

Not intended for use in normal games. Joke games, solo games, and crazy GMs may- be suitable for these, though.

Main Character
Occasionally, a bleach character is super speshul and he/she is the person who the game is all about.

Creating a Main Character
Main Character is a template that can be added to any character that is the main character of the game (duh).

Special Qualities:
Advanced Experience Gain:
A Main Character gains double the normal amount of experience points he/she would regularly earn. Main Characters are speshul and their power level reaches over 9000 faster than the average character.
Bonus Flaw:
Main Characters are more "unique" than regular characters. This translates in game as a flaw of the character's choice. However, the Main Character does not gain a bonus feat from the Bonus flaw, and the Bonus Flaw from Main Character does not count towards the maximum amount of flaws a character can take.
Theme Song:
A Main Character has his/her own speshul song for whenever he/she does something important or cool. When applying the Main Character template to a character, give the DM up to three records, cassettes, floppy disks, compact discs or MP3s containing songs of your choice. As a free action, you can tell the DM to play any one of the three songs for everyone to hear. For everyone's sanity, this ability can be used three times per day.
+2 to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution, or +2 to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. The main character is usually either strong or smart.
Level Adjustment: +0. Main Characters are naturally better than everyone else, so they don't receive a LA for being so powerful.

Filler Villain
LE GASP! A foul new villain has arrived midway through the canon arc! Whatever shall we do?

Creating a Filler Villain
Filler Villain is a template that can be added to any character who will serve as a temporary antagonist in the story.

Special Qualities
Beatdown Entry:
A Filler Villain is always stronger than the players by a fair margin when they first appear. They gain a +10 AWESOME bonus to all stats upon their first meeting with the players, but for each subsequent meeting, this bonus is reduced by 2.
Bonus Feat Tree:
As a Filler Villain must pose a threat, however ridiculous, to the main characters, they gain up to three feats from a feat tree when this is applied. For the purposes of this ability, a feat tree is defined as a set of feats of which each is a requirement for the next. For example, Power Attack, Cleave, and Great Cleave count as a Feat Tree. Dodge, Mobility, and Spring Attack also count.
They do not need to meet non-feat prerequisites for these bonus feats.
A Filler Villain has the ability to completely throw off the players. Once per encounter, when a PC would use an Action Point, the Filler Villain may cause a PC's use of an action point to create a negative effect on the roll it is being used to modify instead of a positive.
Furthermore, he may use Action Points to give his foes penalties on d20 rolls at double the normal cost.
Abilities: +2 to all ability scores. A Filler Villain is always stronger and smarter than the PCs.
Level Adjustment: -. Filler Villain is not a valid PC template, unless it's a solo villain campaign, in which case this template is +0.

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