Even the Dead have laws. Some, either too free-spirited, too curious, or too passionate, crossed one too many and found themselves under sentence from higher authorities. Exiled from the spirit realms, they have found refuge or exile in the human world. While not officially branded as a traitor or a deserter, they are considered as scoundrel and embarrassments to their former allies. Many of them are still serving their former cause from their hidden dwellings, be it by gathering information, subduing the occasional lone enemy, or acting as unofficial diplomats toward other supernatural groups.

Entry Requirments

Skills: Surpress Reiatsu 10+, Sense motive 10+
Class FeaturesShikai special ability
Special: Must have been cast out of Soul society for some reason.

Hit Dice: d8 or the base class; whichever is higher.

Level Benefits
1st Reiatsu Master
2nd Bonus Feat
3rd Reiatsu Drain
4th Bonus Feat
5th Secret Power

Class Skills: As base class
Skill Points: 8 per level or base class, whichever is higher

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: an Outcast gain no additional weapon or armour proficiencies.

Class Features

Reiatsu Master: Trying to find peace, or even simply forgetfulness, from the eyes of the Soul Society is hard. The Outcast's practice has made his ability to sense and hide Reiatsu almost perfect. She gains a +10 competence bonus on all Sense motive to detect spiritual power, and on Suppress Reiatsu checks.

Bonus Feat: At second and fourth levels, an Outcast may select a bonus feat.

Secret Power: Delving on the fringe of Shinigami society allowed you to discover forbidden or forgotten lore. Choose one of the Kido spells you know, which can be no higher than 5th level. The spell becomes a supernatural ability usable 3 times per day.

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