A history

The Bleach D20 system project was originally started by BeholdtheVoid, on Giantitp Forums. After he gave up on it, a few folks put together what had been completed, and then reposted it to EvilLeagueOfVillains as a PDF.

They then expanded on the existing content, adding a decent amount of material, albeit fairly quietly, and moved to as their host of the content.

However, about two or three years ago, the project was resurrected, thanks in no small part to one of the people working on it starting a pbp game. I read the rules, and immediately said "Oh, dammit, this needs proofreading.". As no one else wanted the miserable job, I volunteered.

The project really kicked into gear when Ava created our development forum, and DireReverend the old wiki. We effectively tripled the number of classes, and added a magnitude of new abilities to complement it. The old wordings were refined, we started tweaking the rules as we saw fit with our combined experience with the D20 system, refining it more and more.

Then, late in 2012, DireReverend passed away. With him went the previous wiki.

Realizing this a bit too late to save the coding from the previous wiki, myself and a few others engaged in a hurried saving of the cache of the old wiki, and I created this new one to store the rules for now.

This has been a long road. I hope that this new wiki lasts for a long while, and if it doesn't, that someone manages to save our work again.

-The Mage King, head proofreader

Other Sources

As Bleach D20 is a d20 system based sourcebook, you'll need access to the System Reference Document for the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rules, for combat and spell effects. If a spell is not

Instead of the standard Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Skill list, Bleach D20 uses that of D20 Modern, including the skills in the Arcana rules.

However, some concepts or variants may require or touch upon skills from other Dungeons and Dragons rules, that are not included in the D20 Modern rules. If this should occur, simply add the skill in question to the skill list, using it as written in the book it originates from. Ask your GM if you want a skill that isn't in the D20 Modern SRD.

Feats may come from either SRD or here, with additional books requiring the approval of your GM for use, as with all extra materials.

Weapons are assumed to be from D&D 3.5 in terms of availability. Some GMs may allow D20 Modern weapons, others may not. Ask before using any.

Assume that if it is not D&D 3.5 rules from the System Reference Document, rules found here that are not variants, or specifically called out rules from outside of either of those places, you should ask your GM first.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License