Prestige Classes


In addition to the characters base class, characters in BleachD20 are capable of entering prestige classes. Prestige classes are more specialized classes avaliable at later levels to those who meet the prerequisites.

Unlike in standard Dungeons and Dragons, characters gain levels in prestige classes in addition to levels in their base class. Because of this, unless the class states otherwise, the character's base attack bonus, saves progression etc is unchanged. Characters gain both the normal class features they would from the base class at their level, and those of the prestige class chosen.

A character must be at least level 7 to enter a prestige class.

A character may only select one prestige class per level

How to read
Name: Name of the PrC
Entry Requirements What abilities/skills the character must possess to enter the PrC
Description: A very basic description of the PrC

General Prestige Classes

Hakudo Master Flurry of Blows, One or more of: Hakudo Adept Weapon Focus (Unarmed strike) Weapon Focus (natural weapon) Balance 8, tumble 8, concentration 4, jump 4
Kido Adept Enlightened, two relevant knowledge skills 10+, Reiatsu attribute 13+, unable to cast kido spells A student of basic Kido

Shinigami Prestige Classes

2nd Division Specialist Improved Sneak Attack, Hide 10+, Sneak Attack 10+ A member of the 12 division and a master of subterfuge
12 Division Scientist Academic Knowledge, Seasoned, any 3 knowledge skills 10+ a member of the 12th division
flash-dancer-of-the-13-counts Shunpo Mobility, any two other Shunpo feats , Evasion, Perform (dance) 13 ranks, move silently 8 ranks, tumble 8 ranks, BaB 7+, Shunpo 70ft+ a shunpo specialist who strikes with blinding speed
Ketsugo BaB 12+, Soul companion A warrior who can merge with his blade to improve his combat potential
Kido Corps Specialist Kido Artist, Enlightened, Spellcraft 12 ranks A member of the kido corps
Outlaw Surpress Reiatsu 10+, Sense motive 10+, Cast out of soul society A wanderer who has leant to use forbidden techniques and disguise themselves
Taicho Various A leader and all around excellent shinigami
Vizard Spellsinger Inner Hollow, level 4+ kido A Vizard spellcaster who channels her inter darkness to empower her spiritual prowess
Vizard Warrior Inner Hollow, BaB 7+ A Vizard fighter who channels his inter darkness into his blade

Hollow Prestige Classes

Arrancar knowledge (Heuco Mundo) 10+, removed mask, does not possess shinigami subtype A hollow that seals its own form to gain shinigami like powers
Espada Bloodied, Overbearing Reiatsu, intimidate 10+, Ressureción The Leaders of the Arrancar
Gorger Swallow Whole, Devour, fort 5+ A hollow with an insatiable apitite and a mouth to match

Quincy Prestige Classes

Field Commander Precocious Archer, combat expertise, various skills, fighting formation A quick witted and charismatic leader capable of directing the flow of battle
Grupphurer Distinctive Bow, Concentration 8+, Knowledge (tactics) 10+, spot 8+, Upwelling power A quincy capable of sharing spiritual powr and directing their allies abilities
Heckenschútze sense motive 10+, Spot 6+, Seeker Arrow A sharp eyed Quincy sniper
Ransotengai Master Quincy-feats, concentration 10+, sense motive 12+ A master of spiritual thread manipulation
Scharmútzeler Stepping Shot, Hirenkyuyaku A speed based quincy who uses their mobility to avoid hits and counterattack
Substitute Shinigami Sheele Schneider Proficiency, Weapon Focus (Sheele Schneider or Quincy Bow), Balance 6+, Tumble 6+, Jump 4+, Sense Motive 6+, Suppress Reiatsu 6+, favoured enemy (hollow) A quincy who has gained shinigami-like powers

Fullbringer Prestige Classes

Hellbringer Inner Hollow, Terrifying Reiatsu, Intimidate 8+, knowledge (Heuco Mundo) 8+ ,BaB 7+, Fullbringing A fullbringer who's fully embraced their hollow heritage
Soulbender Sense Motive 8+, Suppress Reiatsu 8+, bluff 8+, bab 7+. encountered a number of different spiritual beings A fullbringer capable of copying enemies powers and taking them away
Substitute Shinigami Weapon Focus (Fullbring), Balance 6 ranks, Tumble 4 ranks, Jump 4 ranks, Sense Motive 6 ranks, Suppress Reiatsu 6 ranks ,Weapon fullbring ability A fullbringer who has gained shinigami like powers
Truebringer Leadership, Seasoned ,Concentration 4+, Suppress Reiatsu 8+, Sense Motive 8+, any three other skills 6+, Fullbring Evolution A leader among fullbringers

Bounto Prestige Classes

Krusink Bloodied, have eaten the soul of another bounto A more vampric bounto. it even sparkles
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