Quincy Feats

Quincy Feats

Quincy Feats are feats availiable only to character with the Quincy class, or who have quincy like powers. These feats are mostly focused on enhancing the effectiveness of a Quincies bow, or the number of spirit charges they can manipulate.

Feat Prerequisite Description
Distinctive Bow Quincy Bow Increase the number of quincy bow attributes
Expanded Capacity Quincy Bow, Dex or Wis 13+ Increase the maximum amount of spirit charges that can be stored
Extra Master Shot 1+ Master Shots The quincy learns an additional Master Shot
Versetile Bow Quincy Bow The quincy's bow can switch between two forms
Precocious Archer Dex or Wis 13+ The quincy can use any master shot they meet the prerequisites for at an increased cost
Ransotengai level 10+, int or wis 13+ The quincy is capable of ignoring the restraints of age or injury to keep moving.
Seele Schneider Proficiency BaB 4+, Use Magic Device 5+ The Quincy can use a Seele Schneider as a melee weapon as well as an arrow

Distinctive Bow
Prerequisite: Quincy Bow
Benefit: You gain an additional Bow Attribute. Other Quincy gain a +2 bonus on Spot checks to notice your disguise while you are using your bow. This feat may be taken multiple times.
Special: This ability may be taken multiple times

Expanded Capacity
Prerequisite: Quincy Bow, Dexterity or Wisdom 13+
Benefit: The maximum amount of Spirit Charges you can hold increases by either your Dexterity Modifier or your Wisdom modifier.
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Its effects stack.

Versatile Bow
Prerequisite: Quincy Bow
Benefit: You gain another Quincy bow form, and choose which form to use whenever you draw your bow.

Precocious Archer
Prerequisite: Quincy Bow, DEX or WIS 13+
Benefit: This character may use any Master Shot feat they are eligible for using by paying twice the normal Spirit Charge cost for it and taking 1d4 points of damage. They use all Master Shots they know as normal.

Perequisite: Quincy level 10+, WIS or INT 13+
Benefit: This character may ignore paralysis from their STR or DEX being reduced to 0 for one round by paying 3 Spirit Charges. If this character’s DEX or STR has been reduced by anything (even advancing age categories), they may treat their STR or DEX as ignoring those penalties for one round by paying 5 Spirit Charges.

Seele Schneider Proficiency
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +4, Use Magic Device 5 Ranks
Benefit: You may use Seele Schneiders as a melee weapon, using your Dexterity modifier for the purposes of attack and damage rolls.
Normal: You may only use Seele Schneider as arrows in their Quincy bow.

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