Ransotengai Master

Entry Requirements

Feats: Ransotengai
Skills: Concentration 10 ranks, Sense Motive 12 ranks
Special: Quincy Cross Class Feature

Table: Ransotengai Meister

Hit Dice: as base class

Level Special
1 Improved Ransotengai, Spirit Weaver
2 Ransotengai technique
3 Ransotengai technique
4 Ransotengai technique
5 Ransotengai technique, Efficient Weaver

Class Skills: as base class
Skill points per level: As base class
Weapon and armour proficiencies: the Ransotengai Meister gains no new weapon or armour proficiencies.

Class Features

Improved Ransotengai: At 1st level, the Ransotengai Meister can use the Ransotengai feat to greater effect. By spending 3 Spirit Charges, he ignores any penalty, damage or drain to his Strength or Dexterity (including those from aging) for one round. By Spending 5 Spirit Charges, he may ignore the effects of the following conditions: Disabled, Exhausted, Fatigued, Paralyzed, or Staggered for 1 round. Using this ability is a free action.

Spirit Weaver: The Rasontengai master is capable of weaving spirit strings to manipulate other sa s well as themselves. She may, as a swift action, attempt to attatch a spirit thread to a creature. This a touch attack that deals no damage. Spirit threads may be cut. A thread has 3 hp per level, hardness 2/level and AC 18 (fine sized threads). A creature must be aware of the thread to cut it. This costs 1 spirit charge, and lasts an hour per quincy level. The thread has no maximum range and remains connected until destroyed or expires, though some abilities will not work at longer ranged

Efficient Weaver: The cost of the Ransotengai feat is reduced by 1 Spirit Charge as are all Ransotengai techniques (min. 1 Spirit Charge)

[[#RasongentaiTechnique]] Ransotengai Technique: Every time that the table above lists a Ransotengai Technique, you may choose one from the list below:

Invisible Spirit Threads: You may render your Ransotengai threads invisible to other creatures if you wish. If so, the threads require a DC 30 Spot or Sense Reiatsu check to notice them.
Ransotengai Alarm: By spreading out invisible spirit threads in an area like trip wires you learn of the presence of others. This functions like the Alarm spell. You also are considered to have the uncanny dodge and greater uncanny dodge abilities while within the area. This costs 1 Spirit Charge each round to maintain. You must have the Invisible Spirit Threads technique to take this technique.
Ransotengai Arrow: This is a Master Shot. By spending 5 Spirit Charge you may connect a spirit thread to the target as part of an attack. You gain a +5 bonus on attack rolls against those with spirit threads attached. This costs 1 Spirit Charge each round to maintain.
Ransotengai Marrionette: This functions as the control body psionic power with several exceptions. You may target any creature type, which needs not be humanoid in appearance, you use Wisdom in place of intelligence, the power lasts as long as you continue to pay Spirit Charge and concentrate. This ability costs 5 Spirit Charge to initiate and 3 Spirit Charge each round to maintain. The saving throw to resist's DC is 10+Ransotengai Meister level+Wisdom modifier. This may be augmented, for 2 Spirit Charge increases the DC by 2 and the max size you can effect by 1.
Ransotengai Protection Net: You spread the spirit threads in a net around you. They do not hamper your vision and slow attacks down as they come at you, giving you more times to react. At the begining of your turn you may spend 4+X Spirit Charge. Until your next turn, all attack and damage rolls made against you take a penalty equal to X. 2+X Spirit Charge to maintain. Requires Alarm
Ransotengai Spirit Net: You may share power with another quincy over a spirit thread. You and up to one willing quincy per level in this class may pool your Spirit Charge, drawing upon each other's Spirit Charges as if they where you're own. Requires Spirit Weaver.
Ransotengai Stitching: As a swift action you may spend Spirit Charge in multiples of 3. For every 3 Spirit Charge spent in this way, convert 2d6 points of damage into nonlethal damage. Using this ability also stops any bleeding damage. You may use this technique on others a a standard action requiring a Heal check (DC 14 +1 per 3 Spirit Charge spent). Requires 5 ranks in Heal.

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