Reiatsu Feats

Reiatsu Feats

Reiatsu feats are feats that improve your ability at using SEP, as well as grant you new abilities to use it on, such as healing yourself, increasing your damage, and so on.

Feat Prerequisites Description
Enduring Spirit None Heal yourself by spending SEP
Improved Spiritual Energy None Improve your SEP rating
Greater Spiritual Energy Improved Spiritual Energy, Level 12, SEP rating less than 7 Further improve your SEP rating
Overbearing Reiatsu Skill Focus (Intimidate) Intimidate someone more efficiently.
Terrifying Reiatsu Overbearing Reiatsu, Intimidate 10 ranks Cause fear effects through intimidate, rather than morale penalties
Reiatsu Burst Concentration 10 ranks Focus your Reiatsu to enhance your performance
Extra Reiatsu Bursts Reiatsu Burst Use Reiatsu Burst extra times per day.
Reiatsu Inspiration Cha 14 Inspire an ally to greater feats of heroism.
Improved Reiatsu Inspiration Reiatsu Inspiration, Cha 17 Extend the benefits of Reiatsu inspiration to all allies.
Reiraku Hunter Sense Motive 4 ranks Track a creature through their spiritual presence rather than their physical traces.
Spiritual Feet Level 5 Walk on air as easily as land
Spiritual Energy Augmented Attacks SEP rating 4 or level 12 Spend SEP to increase the damage of a basic attack.
Shrouded Reiatsu Bluff 9 ranks Hide your Reiatsu much more effectively.
Suppression Mastery Suppress Reiatsu 9+ Using spiritual power does not disrupt your spiritual energy suppression.

Enduring Spirit
Prerequisites: None
Benefit: As a swift action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you can expend SEP to heal yourself at a rate of 2 SEP to 1d6.

Extra Reiatsu Bursts
Prerequisites: Reiatsu Burst
Benefit: You gain 3 more Reiatsu Burst uses per day. You can take this feat multiple times, its effects stack.

Greater Spiritual Energy
Prerequisites: Level 12, Improved Spiritual Energy, Base SEP 7 or less.
Benefit: Your Spiritual Energy pool is treated as though it was increased by 1 progression step. If your progression step is 8 before taking this feat, then you gain an additional 25% of your points, rounding down.

Improved Reiatsu Inspiration
Prerequisites: Charisma 17+, Reiatsu Inspiration
Benefit: When using your Reiatsu Inspiration, you can choose to increase the cost each round to 3 SEP you maintain it to extend the effect to all allies within 60ft (yourself included), rather than just one.

Improved Spiritual Energy
Prerequisites: None
Benefit: Your Spiritual Energy pool is treated as though it was increased by 1 progression step. If your progression step is 8 before taking this feat, then you gain an additional 25% of your points, rounding down.

Overbearing Reiatsu
Prerequisites: Skill Focus: Intimidate
Benefit: You gain a +5 bonus on the Intimidate check for overbearing your opponent when using a Reiatsu Surge, and can make a Reatsu Surge as a swift action. You are no longer dazed if you loose the opposed roll

Reiatsu Burst
Prerequisites: Concentration 10 Ranks
Benefit: You may concentrate your Reiatsu as a full round action 1+WIS bonus times per day. Roll a concentration check for one of the following effects:
- Summon your inner strength You immediately regain a number of hit points or SEP equal to the total score you rolled.
- Focus your spiritual pressure in your Zanpakutō If you beat a DC of 10+ opponent’s level, on your next attack, you can suppress your concentration ranks’ worth of the opponent’s Damage reduction.
- Compress your Reiatsu in your Zanpakutō as a shield If you beat a DC of 10+ opponent’s level, you can add your concentration ranks to your AC, DR and MR for the rest of the round.

Reiatsu Healing
Prerequisites: Skill Focus: First Aid
Benefit: You may concentrate your Reiatsu to perform a Lay on Hands -like action. Each day you can heal a total number of hit points of damage equal to your character level × WIS bonus. You may choose to divide the healing among multiple recipients, and don't have to use it all at once. Reiatsu Healing is a full-round action.

Reiatsu Inspiration
Prerequisites: Charisma 14+
Benefit: As a standard action, you may lend your spiritual strength to another character within 60ft, who gains a bonus to attack and damage roll, and to morale saves against feat, equal to ¼ of your character level. This costs 1 SEP per round you choose to maintain it.

Reiraku Hunter
Prerequisites: Sense Motive 4+
Benefit: To find Reikaku or to follow them for 1 mile requires a successful Sense motive check. You must make another check every time the Reikaku become difficult to follow. You move at half your normal speed (or at your normal speed with a -5 penalty on the check, or at up to twice your normal speed with a -20 penalty on the check). The basic DC for the tracking Souls is 15. The DM may impose from -10 to +10 modifiers based on time since the Soul left, your surroundings and the prevailing conditions in the area.

Spiritual Feet
Requirements: Level 5.
Benefit: The character with this feat no longer has to take balance checks to stand on air. This only applies to the “Real World,” and any other plane that has real world physics. On a plane with high amounts of spiritual energy (such as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo) the balance check’s DC is halved.

Spiritual Energy-Augmented Attacks
Prerequisites: Medium Spiritual Progression or level 12
Benefit: You may spend spiritual energy to augment the damage of your attacks.

SEP Damage Added
2 +1d6
5 +2d6
9 +3d6
13 +4d6
17 +5d6
20 + 6d6

Shrouded Reiatsu
Prerequisites: Bluff 9 Ranks
Benefit: Your Reiatsu is extremely well hidden and allows you to go unnoticed bay all but the most perceptive souls. You gain a +5 bonus on bluff checks for masking your Reiatsu.

Suppression Mastery
Prerequisites: Suppress Reiatsu 9 ranks.
Benefit: When using the Suppress Reiatsu skill, utilizing Kido, Shikai, or any other ability (with the exception of Bankai or equivalent actions) does not drop your Suppress Reiatsu.

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