Scharmützeler are Quincy who focus on the rapid flow of battle. they survive and succeed by always being ahead of her opponents, vanishing at the last second and counter attacking from afar all within an instant.

Entry Requirements

Level: 7+
Class Features: Hirenkyaku, Stepping Shot Master Shot

Table: Scharmútzeler

Hit Dice: As Base Class

Level Benefits
1 Skirmish, Flawless Step
2 Hirenkyaku Evasion
3 Hirenkyaku Counter
4 Improved Hirenkyaku Evasion
5 Improved Hirenkyaku Counter

Class skills: As base class.
Skill points: As base class
Weapon/armor proficiencies: A Scharmützeler gains no weapon or armor proficiencies.

Class Features

Skirmish: The Scharmützeler style focuses on striking while on the move, slipping behind their enemies' defences to deliver a lethal strike. The Scharmützeler deals an extra 1d6 damage on any turn she moves more than 20 ft (without using Hirenkyaku) or when using the stepping shot Master Shot. This is increased by a further d6 each other Scharmützeler level, or every 6 levels in other classes.
This bonus damage applies only to ranged attacks made within 30 feet of the target, and only against targets with a discernable anatomy. Oozes, undead and anything else immune to precision damage is immune to bonus damage from Skirmish. The bonus damage stacks with other forms of precision damage such as sneak attack etc
From 3rd level onwards, she gains +1 competence bonus to AC when moving more than 20 feet, or using Heirkyaku. This bonus increase by a further +1 every 2 Scharmützeler levels, or every 6 levels in other classes

Flawless Step: For a Scharmützeler, gathering spirit particles to make a path is an instinct, not a conscious action, making them appear superhumanly quick to any onlookers.
A Scharmützeler gains an enhancement bonus to their base speed equal to ½ their Scharmützeler level * 10 (minimum 10ft). They ignore any movement penalties for natural terrain whilst moving.
A Scharmützeler may balance on air like a Shinigami so long as they are move in a round, through either their Hirenkyaku ability, or a standard move action. Unlike a Shinigami or Hollow, they do not lose this ability in a spiritual plane such as soul society or Hueco Mundo.

Hirenkyaku Evasion: A Scharmützeler is capable of dodging away from a strike a second before it hits, reappearing out of reach of the befuddled opponent.
Immediately after a Scharmützeler is hit by an attack or a spell that would cause damage (regardless of the outcome of the attack/spell), she may use her Hirenkyaku ability as an Immediate Action. This occurs after the attack resolves. She cannot use this ability if she is denied her dexterity bonus to AC
This ability can be used at the same time as any Shunpo feat, such as Shunpo counter of Shunpo dodge

Hirenkyaku Counter: The Scharmützeler is capable of striking their foe in the instant when blade would meet body before vanishing away.
When using their Hirenkyaku Evasion ability, the Quincy can choose to pay an additional 5 spirit charges to counter their opponents strike, so long as it is in range of her bow. This attack benefits from the Scharmützeler's skirmish ability, even if she did not move in the previous round, so long as the creature is within 30ft at either the start or end of the movement.
Alternately, she may use a Martial Manoeuvre she has readied, or change her Stance, so long as the Manoeuvre has an activation time of a standard action or less. Unless she uses a Boost, the target of the Manoeuvre must target the creature who's attack she is evading
This can be combined with the Shunpo counter ability, so long as she has a second attack from her base attack bonus. One attack is made with her highest base attack bonus, one with her second highest.
Improved Hirenkyaku Evasion: the Scharmützeler is a literal blur on the battlefield, impossible to pin down. they move so fast it seems blades and arrows pass straight through them.
Whenever the Scharmützeler would use her Hieriyaku Evasion ability, She may pay an additional 20 spirit charges to move before the attack hits, effectively negating the strike. She may only use this ability so long as they are allowed their dexterity bonus to AC, and may only use it once per turn, regardless of the number of swift actions she could make in a single round.
if the Scharmützeler uses this ability, they may not use Shunpo counter or Hirenkyaku counter - they're focusing more on staying alive than striking back

Improved Hirenkyaku Counter: Her training complete, the Scharmützeler is capable of evading a blow and then striking down her attacker in the blink of an eye, the victim left a pincushion of spiritual arrows.
When the Scharmützeler uses her Hirenkyaku Counter ability, she can pay an extra 5 spirit charges to make additional attacks, up the the amount she could make in a full attack action. she must pay for each attack after the first. She cannot make use of feats such as Multishot, or make an extra shots for having a Web Bow. She can make use of her Shunpo Counter feat at the same time, if she so desires. The attack from shunpo counter is made at her highest base attack bonus
If she pays enough Spirit Charges to make a full attack, she can instead perform a Manoeuvre she has readied with an activation time of a full round or less.
All normal restrictions from Hirenkyaku Counter still apply.

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