Shinigami Feats

Shinigami Feats

Shinigmi feats are avaliable to all characters with the shinigami subtype. If a character does not permenatly have the shinigami subtype, then the abilities are active only when the subtype is active.

Feat name Prerequisites Description
Alive None The shinigami is still alive, giving them a greater measure of energy but also the risk of their body dying
Living Shinigami Alive The shinigami retains much greater use of their Shinigami powers whilst in their human body

Prerequisites: None
Benefit: You are one of the few Shinigami to still have a living, breathing body. You gain a great measure of energy and motivation from this. Your action dice are d10 instead of d6.
Special: While in human form, an alive Shinigami gains the Human Body (Alive Shinigami) ability and cannot access any of their Shinigami abilities, with the exception of their proficiency with martial and simple weapons, and the ability to sense and interact with spirits. They keep their hit dice however, but do not keep the same amount of hit points (see ability). Your physical body lays dormant while you are in spirit form, which can attract unwanted attention. This is also a very dangerous weakness as your physical death will be your end as surely as your spiritual death.

  • Human Body (Alive Shinigami): Because Shinigami with the Alive feat are still humans, they are not as tough as a Shinigami while in human form. They cannot use any special abilities gained from any class, ignore the effects of solid structures and buildings, nor may they walk on air as if it were ground. Furthermore, they do not receive maximum hit points from their hit die beyond 1st level, they must roll for hit points instead while in their human form. While in spirit form, they have maximized hit points as a Shinigami.

Living Shinigami
Prerequisite: Alive Feat
Benefit: When in human form, you can gain part of your Shinigami abilities.
Special: If you are in human form, you can use your Shinigami powers, but your effective level for determining Zanpakutou damage, Shunpo range (but not maximum per day), and any other ability that their saves and damage are dependent on level, are halved. rounding down on uneven level. You still have the Human Body (Alive Shinigami) ability. You Zanpakutou is not with you at all times, and in order to use your Zanpakutou (and it's abilities), you must spend a move action that provokes an attack of opportunity to summon it from your soul. It materializes in your hand.

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