"Your power is my power. Let's see who uses it better"

A Fullbringer's powers allow them to commune with the souls of all objects, to manipulate their form and size, and draw out their inner powers. A Soulbender is a Fullbringer to whom this talent comes much more naturally, so much he are capable of drawing on the power around them to the same extent as their own Fullbring.

Entry Requirements

Skills: Sense Motive 8 ranks, Suppress Reiatsu 8 ranks, bluff 8+
Base Attack Bonus: +7
Special: Must have encountered powers from at least two other classes.

Table: Soulbender

Hit dice: As Base Class

Level Benefits
1 Copycat (1 round), Adaptation
2 Power Absorption (Power Drain), Power Theft
3 Copycat (2 rounds)
4 Power Absorption (Absorbing Strike)
5 Copycat (3 rounds), Perfect Copycat
6 Power Absorption (Reiatsu Burn)
7 Copycat (4 rounds)
8 Power Absorption (Chain Absorption)
9 Copycat (5 rounds)
10 Power Absorption (Spirit Absorption), Soul Gift

Class skills: As base class
Skill Points per level: As base class

Class Features

Copycat: By resonating with the souls around them, a Fullbringer Soulbender is capable of drawing out and reusing the energy that has met them recently, and harnessing that power themselves.
From 1st level onwards, the Soulbender is capable of mimicking actions that have been used recently. He can use any ability of another creature within 100 ft, so long as that ability is not a Bankai ability or equivalent, and the ability was used since the end of the Copycat's last turn. This uses the same action as the ability copied, and in all respects counts as the Fullbringer using this ability himself. This costs the same amount of SEP it cost the original user, before modifiers (such as a metamagic cost reducer, or high spiritual pressure efficiency.). Costs for enhancements to the ability are paid as normal for the character.
Spells are duplicated with an assumed caster level equal to character level. Manoeuvres are duplicated with an assumed initiator level equal to character level.
The time the Fullbringer has to duplicate the ability increases by 1 round every 2 levels. The Fullbringer can only duplicate an ability once for each time he see the ability used, and can only hold onto one instance of an ability at a time (EG: a 3rd level Soulbender could copy a fireball on the round it was used or the round after, but not both. If the fireball is cast again, then he can duplicate it again)
If the Soulbender duplicates an ability with a duration greater than his Copycat duration, the ability's duration is reduced to this be equal to the duration of Copycat.
The Soulbender must have been aware of the ability's use to duplicate it. The Soulbender can duplicate any number of abilities a turn, so long as he has enough SEP/Actions.
Abilities which are the trigger for multiple other abilities (such as a Shinigami's Shikai/Bankai activations) cannot be duplicated. Abilities that cost no SEP cannot be duplicated.

Adaptability: The Soulbender is capable of resonating with the souls of other objects, drawing out their power as if he himself where the owner. A Soulbender can use any Quincy cross, Zanpakutou, Fullbring or other similar item in his possession exactly as the original owner could, save he cannot access Bankai (or the relevant equivalent). any ability reliant on level uses the fullbringer's level - 5.
The Fullbringer cannot use more than one Fullbring/Shikai etc at one time. The fullbringer needs to attune himself to an item to use it. this process takes 1 minute. The fullbringer can only be attuned to up to two items (beside his own fullbring) at one time.
Lastly, the Fullbringer is capable of using any magic item regardless of normal alignment or class restrictions. He does not gain any benefit that is reliant on class features/powers he does not possess.

Power Absorption: The Soulbender is capable of manipulating the souls of other beings to such an extent he can temporarily rip fragments away and absorb them into himself.
From 2nd level, the Soulbender can attempt to temporarily drain an ability from those he touch. This is a melee touch attack that uses a standard action, and costs the Fullbringer an amount of SEP equal to ½ the victim's ELC.
If the attack hits, then the Fullbringer temporarily gains the use of an ability of their choice the victim possesses, so long as they know they possess the ability. This can be any spell, feat, spell-like ability, extraordinary ability or supernatural ability. The Fullbringer cannot steal any Bankai (or equivalent) level abilities unless he is using Fullbring Evolution. The Fullbringer cannot steal abilities that are the trigger for others, such as Shikai (or someome else's Fullbring), though they can steal abilities from those. If the Fullbringer has no knowledge of the abilities available, then they gain a random ability. They can attempt a knowledge test (of the type relevant to the creature) with a DC 10 + ½ ECL to learn it's abilities. This is made as part of the touch attack.
The Fullbringer can use this stolen ability a number of times equal to their Soulbender level. If the stolen ability has any limitations (3/day for example), then the fullbringer must obey this limitation. Uses persist until the fullbringer sleeps, or is knocked unconcious, or runs out of SEP. The soulbender can only steal one power from a creature at a time, though they can steal powers from any number of creatures
The victim of the ability must make a will save, with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 fullbring level + reiatsu modifier. If they fail this will save, and the ability targeted was a supernatural ability, spell-like ability or spell, then they loose access to that power for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 fullbringer level. This is the save used for any of the advanced variants of the Power absorption ability
The stolen power is, for all intents and purposes, part of the Fullbringer's Fullbring until he lose access to the power, except that all attempts to identify the source of the stolen power lead back to the original user. If the power has a cost, the fullbringer must pay to use it, exactly as normal.
At higher levels, the Soulbender's ability to absorb powers improves, as outlined below:
Absorbing Strike: From 4th level onwards, the Soulbender can attempt to drain the power of his Victim as part of an attack. He may use his Power Absorption ability as a swift action against the first creature that he make an attack roll against in a turn, or the first creature struck by an area attack he uses. If trying to absorb powers in this manner, if the victim passes their save, then the fullbringer does not gain access to the ability
Reiatsu Burn: From 6th level onwards, the Soulbender is capable of draining his foes spiritual power directly, rather than abilities or powers. When using Power Absorption, he can forgo stealing a power to drain the victim's Reiatsu. The victim looses 1d3 SEP per Soulbender level, which is reduced to 1 SEP per Soulbender level if the victim passes their save. The Fullbringer gains an amount of SEP equal to what the victim lost. This cannot be combined with the Absorbing Strike ability
Chain Absorption: from 8th level onwards, when the Fullbringer absorbs a power, he open a channel of energy between them, drawing in this stream and threatening to leave the victim a powerless husk.
If he choose to use his power absorption as the touch attack, then if the victim fails their will save, then the Soulbender may immediately attempt to drain another power from his victim. For each subsequent power that the Soulbender steals, the save DC is reduced by 2. The Soulbender can continue to steal powers in this fashion until the victim succeeds in their will save.
If he choose to use this power alongside the Absorbing Strike power, then he may attempt to steal a power from each victim he strike if he use an area ability, or one per successful attack if he use an attack or full-attack action instead. If used in this manner, then the power is only obtained if the victim fails their will save, and the save DC for the will save is reduced by 1 for each target. he may only drain one power per victim, regardless of the amount of times they where hit.
Spirit Absorption: At 10th level, the Soulbender reaches the pinnacle of his spirit-draining abilities. When he use his Power Absorption ability, he can also attempt to drain part of the victim's source of spiritual energy. This increases the cost of the ability to equal the targets ELC – 3, rather than ½ the targets ELC. The victim of this ability suffers 1d6 ability damage to their Reiatsu attribute instead of the normal effect. A successful save reduces this to 1d3. The Fullbringer gains a temporary enhancement to their Reiatsu attribute equal to the ammount drained. This lasts a number of rounds equal to 1/2 soulbender level. This cannot be used as part of an Absorbing Strike or a Reitsu Burn. If used as part of chain absorption, then each hit after the first deals 1d3 damage rather than the initial damage.

Power Theft: From 2nd level onwards, the Fullbringer is capable of permanently absorbing enemy powers into his Fullbring. At 2nd Level, and every 2 Soulbender levels thereafter, the Fullbringer can transfer a Shikai power/bow attribute/Doll Power etc from the relevant spiritual item in his possession to his Fullbring. The Fullbring must still meet all the prerequisites for the chosen ability to make the transfer. He cannot transfer any power of Bankai level (or equivalent).
He cannot transfer powers from an item where the actual owner would oppose the transfer, and is still alive to make this known. This overrides the normal rule that an unconscious creature is always willing. He cannot transfer a power from a creature that was cociered into giving permision through torture or mind control.
The weapon the ability is transfered from looses the ability.

Perfect Copycat: The Fullbringer is so adept at communing with the souls around them he can even draw upon the faintest fragment of power and restore it to what it once was. From 5th level onwards, the Fullbringer is capable of duplicating a power with Copycat more than once. They do not duplicate it multiple times as one action. Each duplication still uses the same action that it did previously. They cannot duplicate a power more than once a round. Each subsequent use of the power after the first costs an extra 3 sep, in additiont to the previous cost and not instead of it. The power must still have been used within their Copycat time frame.

Soul Gift: The power to manipulate souls is not used only to steal. It can also be used to bolster the powers of others. At 10th level, the Fullbringer gains the ability to gift any power he have stolen through the use of their Power Absorption to any one creature within 100 ft. The target must have some spiritual power of their own or else this power fails. This is a swift action. The target is allowed a will save (10 + ½ character level + reistu modifier) to negate this power transfer.
The Fullbringer can choose how many uses of the power to transfer. They themselves loose the amount of uses they transfer, exactly as if they had used them. They cannot transfer more uses than they posses.
After 10th level: Every even numbered level, the Soulbender is able to transfer one more power into his Fullbring. Every odd-numbered level, the time frame to use Soulbender increases by 1 round.

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