Substitute Shinigami (Fullbringer)

Entry Requirements

Feats: Weapon Focus (Fullbring)
Skills: Balance 6 ranks, Tumble 4 ranks, Jump 4 ranks, Sense Motive 6 ranks, Suppress Reiatsu 6 ranks
'Fullbring: Weapon ability
Special: Level 7+
Special: Must have awakened the Shinigami powers in their soul

Table: Substitue Shinigami

Hit Dice: As Base Class

Level Benefit
1 Zanpakuto Form, Sealed Soul
2 Evolving Blade
3 Shikai Surge, Shunpo
4 Evolving Blade
5 Variable Form

Skill Points: As Base Class
Class Skills: As Base Class
Weapon and Armour Proficiencies: The Substitute Shinigami gains proficiency with their Zanpakuto. They gain no new armor proficiencies.

Zanpakuto Form: By awakening the Shinigami powers resting in their soul, a Fullbringer also awaken the mind of their tool, transforming their fullbring from something treasured into a companion tied into their very soul.
Upon becoming a substitute Shinigami, the Fullbringer's Fullbring becomes both a Fullbring and a Zanpakuto. It gains a second sealed form of a Katana (or other weapon, as normal for a Zanpakuto) in addition to its normal sealed form. This form deals damage as a Fullbring weapon of the level appropriate to you, and benefits from the static enhancement bonus a Fullbring weapon would (but not the weapon enhancements). Whenever the fullbringer activates his fullbring, he can choose which form for it to take.
The activated form of the Fullbring changes as well. It immediately gains two Zanpakuto types of the Fullbringer's choice, as well as gaining 4 Shikai abilities.
At the same time, the Fullbringer can choose to exchange up to ½ his Fullbring abilities, other than Weapon, for 2 Shikai abilities per Fullbring ability, so long as he meets the prerequisites of all his abilities (both fullbring and Zanpakuto) once the exchange is complete. Once this choice is made, it cannot be undone. He cannot exchange fullbring abilities learnt through feats.
From now on, whenever the Substitute Shinigami would receive a Fullbring ability through the Fullbringer class, he can instead choose to select 2 Shikai abilities. This replaces the fullbring ability the character would have gained.
Shikai abilities are only active whilst the Fullbring is in use, unless the ability is obtained through the Sealed Power feat, where it is active at all times.
For all intents and purposes, his Fullbring is now both a Fullbring and a Zanpakuto, and thus can be used to qualify (or disqualify) for anything that specifies either.

Unsealed Soul: Having unlocked his soul's power, the Substitute Shinigami can, at times of need or boredom, leave his body behind and go gallivanting around as a soul. They can jump, tumble and balance like a Shinigami at all times, and can also leave their body, just like a Shinigami can leave a Gigai. Whilst not in their body, they have the Augmented Shinigami subtype, though since their Fullbring powers come from their body not their soul, they cannot use their fullbringing or Fullbring Evolution class features.
If The fullbringer's body is ever killed, they can choose to immediately retrain all their fullbringer levels to an equal number of shinigami levels. Their skills and base stats remain unchanged. The substitute shinigami can choose wehter or not to exchange prestige levels, even if he no longer qualifies for the prestige class in question.

Evolving Blade: The Substitute Shinigami gains 2 Shikai abilities or one Fullbring ability, either of which he must meet the prerequisites of. Any Fullbring ability gained through this Evolves when using Fullbring Evolution.

Shunpo: Learning from his experience as a Substitute Shinigami, the Fullbringer has begun to master the Shinigami's art of flash step. He can use Shunpo as a Shinigami of 5 levels lower. He cannot use both this ability and the speed boost from the Fullbringing Class Feature in one turn

Shikai Surge: The Shinigami portion of his soul can now draw upon the power of his Evolution, exploding in a burst of spiritual might from the blade. While in Fullbring Evolution, all Shikai abilities obtained through this class and the Fullbringer Base class are doubled. Shikai abillities gained through feats are not effected. The Substitute Shinigami can choose to forgo their ultimate evolution to gain a Bankai ability in its place. This ability is only active during fullbring evolution.

Variable Form: The fullbringer is capable of focusing their twin powers down different routes, gaining a new form for their weapon depending on their choice and focus. The Substitute Shinigami immediately gains two new releases, one comprised entirely of Fullbring Abilities, and one of entirely Shikai abilities, other than weapon. The exchange rate remain 2 Shikai abilities to 1 fullbring abilities. When activating their fullbring, they can choose which form to activate. Their Fullbring evolution remains unchanged.

Level 6+: The substitue shinigami gains 1 extra zanpakuto abillity per level.

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