Substitue Shinigami (Quincy)

Entry Requirements

Feats: Sheele Schneider Proficiency, Weapon Focus (Sheele Schneider or Quincy Bow)
Skills: Balance 6 ranks, Tumble 6 ranks, Jump 4 ranks, Sense Motive 6 ranks, Suppress Reiatsu 6 ranks
Special: Level 7
Special: Must have awakened the Shinigami powers in your soul
Special: Favoured Enemy (hollow)

Table: Substitute Shinigami

Hit Dice: D8

level benefit
1 Soul Piercing Arrows, Unsealed Soul
2 Evolving Bow
3 Shunpo Boost, Burning Inner Flame
4 Evolving Bow
5 Blade of the Quincy

Skill Points: As Base Class
Class Skills: As Base Class
Weapon and Armour Proficiences: The Substitute Shinigami is profiecient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as their Zanpakuto. She is not proficient with any armour

Class Features

Soul Piercing Arrows: The Quincy has learnt how to merge the untapped power of their own soul with that they draw from the world around them, creating a burst of spiritual force from both within and without. To reflect this, their bow's form and powers change to merge both Shinigami and Quincy powers.
The Substitute Shinigami bow immediately gains one Zanpakuto type of her choice, and the Projectile type. She immediately gains two Shikai abilities of her choice, and can choose to trade any of her existing Bow attributes for twice that number of Shikai abilities. Whenever she gains a further Bow attribute through class features (not feats), she also gains another Shikai ability, and can choose to exchange the ability for two Shikai abilities as well. Once the exchange has been made, it is permanent.
The Substitue Shinigami has her shikai abilities active whilst she has her bow active. So long as her bow is drawn, she can make use of any Shikai abilities she possesses, so long as she pays the relevant cost of the ability.
Henceforth, her Bow counts as both a Quincy Bow and Zanpakuto for the purposes of prerequisites in all cases. Note she does NOT have the Shikai class feature (or, by extension, Bankai). If the quincy ever uses an abillity that causes her zanpakuto to revert to an ordinary Katanna (such as the summoning type abillity retain the blade) it instead returns to being a normal quincy bow.

Unsealed Soul: The Substitute Shinigami has severed their chain of fate, gaining the power to live as a soul, and embraced their Shinigami Powers. If they leave their body, they do not becomes Plus, but instead gain the Augmented Shinigami Subtype. Due to the source of many quincy powers being part of the quincy bloodline, rather than their soul, they cannot be accessed in Soul Form, and thus the quincy does not benefit from Upwelling power while not in her body.
If the Quincy's body dies but her soul survives, when she next gains a level she can choose to continue as a quincy, or exchange all her Quincy levels for an equal amount Shinigami Levels, and continue to advance as a shinigami (her choice of which kind). Her zanpakuo retain the Zanpakuto types her bow possessed. She may choose to exchange any prestige class levels she possessed for any she now meets the prerequisites for, though the exchange is al or nothing, and if she exchanges one prestige level she must exchange every level in that prestige class. She retains all the abilities of her prestige classes, even if she would normally be unable to enter them. Note that trying to do this before character creation will likely get you hurt.

Evolving Bow: As the Quincy's Soul grows stronger, her Shinigami powers begin to flare stronger and stronger. At 2nd and 4th level, she gains 2 Shikai powers of her choice that she meets the prerequisites for.

Shunpo Boost: Though the Quincy boast their own version of the flash step – argued to be more efficient than that of the Shinigami – by tapping into the power of her soul, the Quincy has learnt to utilize the Shinigami version; Shunpo. When using Hirenkyaku, the Substitute Shinigami moves an extra 5ft per two character levels without any increase in cost, by combining both techniques. They still need to spend at least 1 spirit charge to use this ability. In any case they could not use Hirenkyaku, they can instead use Shunpo as a Shinigami ½ their level

Burning Inner Flame: When the Quincy calls upon their inner powers, they can also unleash the full flow of their Shinigami Powers. Whilst in inner bow, the Quincy's Shikai powers are doubled. These powers must be chosen when inner bow or the Shikai power is obtained, depending on order, and cannot be changed once chosen. The Shikai powers do not need to be the same as their normal bow's

Blade of the Quincy: The Quincy are, first and foremost, archers – the Shinigami and the soul cutter sword are one being. This paradox is one that the Quincy must face and overcome, to truly master both sides of their power. The Quincy gains a second bow construction – the blade – and can switch between the two at will. From now on, the quincy's bow has a static enhancement bonus equal to ¼ the quincy's character level, regardless of it's form.

  • Blade Construction: The Bow is a melee weapon, as opposed to a ranged weapon. Whilst wielding her bow in Blade form, she counts as having either the Power Attack or Combat Expertise feat, chosen when she draws her weapon.
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