A Taichō (隊 長 , Taichō lit. Unit Commander), commonly referred to as Captain, are the leaders of the thirteen divisions (with the special case of the Commander-General). While "captain" is not an accurate translation of the rank, it's appropriate considering the size of the unit they lead. A single Gotei 13 'unit' (隊 ) is estimated at about 200-500 troops. Viz renders the units as 'companies' rather than 'divisions' because captains lead companies in real life. However, given that each Captain in Bleach leads a major part of a military wing or corps, they could be division commanders or Generals. Most literally, the name simply means 'unit commander', which could be practically any officer rank. Captains are generally the most respected Shinigami in Soul Society, with the Central 46 Chambers, Demon Art Corps, and special forces leaders possibly being on equal status. With one exception (Kenpachi Zaraki), all captains are able to perform the Bankai of their Zanpakutō and are generally much more powerful than even their lieutenants. Knowing the Bankai gives captains an average of five to ten times the strength of Shinigami who are unable to perform it. They have also extensively trained, if not mastered, their Bankai, allowing them to actually use the enormous power effectively in battle. Most captains are also skilled in the use of Shunpō, Kidō, and generally have excellent knowledge of Shinigami history and battle tactics. All of these factors create a huge power-gap between captains and lower-ranked officers.

This class also represents shinigami with captain level power, even if they do not themselves hold any rank in soul society.

Entry Requirements

Class Features: Shikai
Special: completion of one or more of the following conditions:
Able to perform Bankai
To have personal recommendations from at least six captains and approval from at least three of the remaining seven.
To defeat a captain one-on-one with at least 200 witnesses from the captain's division.

Hit Die: d8 or the base class; whichever is higher.

Table: Taicho

Level Benefits
1st Perfect Shikai, Dense Spiritual Pressure
2nd Bonus Feat
3rd Zanpakuto Expert
4th Bonus Feat
5th Perfect Bankai

Class Skills: As Base Class
Skill Points: As Base Class

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Taicho gain no additional weapon or armour proficiencies.

Class Features

Perfect Shikai: Under the training of Sōtaichō Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai, you have perfected your Shikai. You gain 2 new Shikai Abilities.

Dense Spiritual Pressure: A taicho's is much more efficient at using his Spiritual Energy than other Shinigami. The taicho's SPE is increased by 1, to a maximum of 3.

Bonus Feat: At second and fourth level, a taicho's may select a bonus feat.

Zanpakuto Expert: Once a taicho's reaches third level, his duration on Shikai an Bankai Increases. The taicho's Shikai now lasts twice your level in minutes, and when you spend 2 SEP), it increases the duration by 2 Minutes. In addition, Bankai now lasts 4 rounds per level, and when you spend 1 SEP), you gain 2 additional rounds. (This is before including the benefit from Dense Spiritual Pressure or any other ability like it.)

Perfect Bankai: You've reached the apex of Shinigami power and perfection. You gain an additional Bankai abilities

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