Entry Requirements

Feats: Leadership, Seasoned
Skills: Concentration 4 ranks, Suppress Reiatsu 8 ranks, Sense Motive 8 ranks, any three other skills 6 ranks
Special: Fullbring Evolution Class Feature

Table: Truebringer

Hit Dice: As Base Class

Level Special Bonus Evolution Points
1 Dense Spiritual Pressure 1
2 Improved Fullbringing 0
3 Expand Fullbring 1
4 Fullbring Link 0
5 Enduring Fullbring 1

Class Skills: As Base Class
Skill Points: As Base Class
Weapon and Armour proficiency: The Truebringer gain no new weapon or armour proficiences.

Class Features

Bonus Evolution Pool: At every odd numbered Truebringer level, the Truebringer increases his maximum amount of evolution points by 1.

Dense Spiritual Pressure: The Truebringer increases his Spiritual Point Efficiency by 1, to a maximum of 3.

Improved Fullbringing: At 2nd level, a Truebringer is more skilled with the basics of fullbringing than many of his peers, able to bring out more power from objects around themselves, and to convince the souls of objects to aid others as well as themselves.

  • When using his Fullbringing class feature to use a spell-like ability, they can spend 2 SEP to use two as a single action.
  • When using his Fullbringing Class feature to gain a bonus to skill checks, the Truebringer can choose to instead have the benefit apply to a single ally within 100ft, or to have ½ the bonus apply to all friendly creatures within 100ft (himself included).
  • When using his Fullbringing class feature to boost a jump or reduce falling damage, he can double the cost to have the benefit apply to all allies within 30ft.
  • The Truebringer gains the ability to pay 2 sep to use any level 0 bard or wizard/sorcerer spell as a spell-like ability, or 3 SEP to use any 1st level bard or wizard/sorcerer spell of the illusion or enchantment schools.

Expanded Fullbring: At 3rd level, the Truebringer can bring out the full shape and form of her Fullbring when drawing on its powers. He gains an additional Fullbring ability. This ability evolves as normal when using Fullbring Evolution.

Fullbring Link: By 4th level, the Truebringer has a much deeper connection with his Fullbring than most, able to feel its presence and summon it's powers even when out of hand, and to conceal the flash of spiritual energy when changing it from form to form. The Truebringer can, as a full-round action, summon his Fullbring, activated, to his hand, so long as neither he nor the item is in an anti-magic field. The truebringer also gains an untyped bonus to resist all attempts to sunder or disarm his fullbring equal to his Truebringer level. Lastly, activating his Fullbring does not cause the truebringer to drop her Reiatsu Concealment, though using any Fullbring ability does.

Enduring Fullbring: The Truebringer is capable of forming his Fullbring into its true form with much greater ease, and can resist outside occurrences that try to seal her tool back into its more mundane form. The number of times the Truebringer can activate her Fullbring each day, and the duration of his Fullbring Evolution is multiplied by 1.5. When in an anti-magic zone, or anywhere else that would prevent them from activating her fullbring/cause it to shut down, they can try to resist this effect by making a Concentration check, with a DC equal to 10+ the caster level of the anti-magic effect.. He still cannot activate abilities that would cost SEP, but otherwise he gains all the benefits of having his Fullbring released, and any effect already active before entering remains in effect.

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