Zanpakuto Abilities


Shikai is the first release a Shinigami gains access to. When creating their Shikai, the Shinigami can only select Shikai level abilities for which they meet the prerequisites, and may select not select a single ability more than 1/3 her character level times (EG: once at level 3, twice at level 6 etc), rounding down. The Shikai can have abilities from the generic type, and the two Zanpakuto types chosen at 3rd level.

Activating Shikai is a move action that costs 1 SEP, and lasts for 1 minute per character level. The Shinigami can dismiss their Shikai at any time as a free action.


Bankai is the ultimate power of the Shinigami's Zanpakuto, a second release of immense power. Bankai is a rare ability, normally possessed by those of Captain-level power, and a rare few vice captains (and the antagonist of every filler arc, regardless of rank).

Bankai greatly empowers the shinigami's Zanpakuto.

Upon obtaining Bankai, a Shinigami chooses an additional Zanpakuto type and can select abilities from it when crafting their Bankai. They still gain this bonus type if they have a specialized zanpakuto, though they cannot select specialized abilities from this new type.
Second, while in Bankai, the Zanpakuto doubles the number of shikai abilities obtained from the shinigami base class (and only the base class, unless noted otherwie), plus any extras for feats etc. The Bankai also has a single bankai ability. Every two levels thereafter, the bankai gains another 4 shikai abilities, and every even numbered level thereafter, the bakai obtains a new bankai ability. The shinigami must meet the prerequisites for these abilities. Bankai is a different form to Shikai, and thus the shinigami does not need to have the same abilities as they do in Shikai in Bankai.
Once Bankai is created, the Bankai and Shikai abilities chosen for it cannot be changed, though more can be obtained.

Activating Bankai is a full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity and costs 20 SEP. If the shinigami was in Shikai before, then releasing her Bankai is a move equivalent action and does not provoke an attack of opportunity. At level 20, it becomes a standard action from sealed, and a swift action whilst Shikai is active.
Last, while in Bankai, the shinigami's current health and maximum health are doubled. When bankai ends, the shinigami's current health is halved.
Bankai lasts 2 rounds per shinigami level, and the shinigami can pay 1 sep per round to extend the duration afterwards. Once bankai ends, the shinigami is fatigued.

Zanpakuto Types:

Each Zanpakuto has two types which governs its abilities, chosen at level 1, or when the character gains a zanpakuto if obtained later, plus the general type. Once the types have been chosen, they cannot be changed, though the Shinigami can gain additional types through the Multiple Types feat.

Table: Zanpakuto Types

Type Description
Assassination Type A type that relies on stealth and a quick kill
Barrier Type A blade that grants powerful defensive abilities
Blood Type A blade that allows the wielder to deal intense, focused damage at the cost of their own vitality
Darkness Type A blade that focuses on manipulating darkness to control the battlefield and enhance the wielders mobility.
Earth Type A balanced blade that grants the wielder the ability to manipulate the earth
Fire Type A blade that wields fire to become destruction incarnate, against foes both few and many
General Type non-focused abilities avaliable to all shinigami
Healing Type A blade designed to heal rather than harm
Ice Type A blade that manipulates ice for a balance between control and damage
Kido Type An odd blade designed not for combat, but to be used like a wizards staff
Light Type A blade that manipulates the light for both offensive and defensive purposes
Lightning Type A blade that combines varied destructive power with excelent mobility
Mind Type A blade that excels in battlefield control and manipulation
Oppression Type A Blade specialized in multi-target control and manipulation, capable of reducing the strongest foe to their knees
Plant Type A Balanced blade that combines offense, defense and control with a floral touch.
Poison Type A blade with a deadly sting and offensive power to compliment any other.
Projectile Type A blade with a reach beyond the steel
Sonic Type A blade that combines destructive power with support abilities.
Summoning Type A blade capable of calling forth a warior to fight alongside the wielder.
Technological Type
Water Type A blade capable of manipulating the oceans and creating illusions, combining balanced offense and defense with some battlefield control
Weapon Type a blade sharper than any other
Wind Type A Blade with outstanding mobility and offensive power

How to read and use zanpakuto abilities.

A shinigami does not need to use any zanpakuto abilities they possess. The shinigami does not have to use any upgraded version of a zanpakuto ability if they choose to use a lower leveled version of the ability.

A shinigami may use any number of different valid enhancements to an ability at once so long as they can afford it. (EG: a shinigami that knows assassin's strike may enhance assassin's strike with assassin's eye and assassin's bite at once).

Unless stated, the effects of a shinigami's zanpakuto abilities stack.

The cost for a zanpakuto ability selected multiple times does not stack, unless otherwise stated.

How to read a zanpakuto ability
Name: The name of the ability. This should be self-explanatory
Prerequisites: The abilities, skill ranks, or feats the Shinigami needs to posses to be able to obtain the ability. Any attribute listed takes into account any zanpakuto abilities or any other abilities so long as it has a permanent duration and does not need to be activated.
Activation cost: The cost to use the ability. Some abilities list, instead of a flat cost, the name of another ability with a modification; in this case, it means the ability is used with the previously listed ability and cannot be used alone.
Description: The description of the ability and its effects.
Special: Any other notes or other unusual effects of the ability.

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