Assassination Type

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Ability Prerequisites Activation Cost Shikai/bankai
Assassin's Blade None 1 sep Shikai
Improved Assassin's Blade Assassin's Blade 3 SEP Shikai
Greater Assassin's Blade Improved Assassin's Blade 7 SEP Shikai
Piercing Strike Assassin's Blade, Sneak Attack 5d6 None Shikai
Oblivious Strike Piercing strike, Improved Assassin's Blade, BaB 6+ 11 SEP Shikai
Improved Oblivious Strike Oblivious Strike, BaB 11+, Specialized 16 SEP Shikai
Assassin's Strike None 3 SEP Shikai
Assassin's Bite Assassin's Strike +2 SEP Shikai
Assassin's Eye Assassin's Strike +1 SEP Shikai
Assassin's Onslaught Assassin's Strike, Assassin's Eye * 3, two other assassination type abilities, BaB 6+ As assassins blade Shikai
Improved Assassin's Onslaught Assassin's Onslaught, Specialized. As Assassins Onslaught Shikai
Decapitation Assassin's Piercing Blade, Shadow Cloak, Zanpakuto +4, Sneak Attack, Specialised None Shikai
Penetrating Strikes Sneak Attack None Shikai
Shadow Cloak Hide 10+, sneak attack None Shiaki

Shikai Abilities

Assassin's Bite
Prerequisites: Assassin's Strike
Activation Cost: as Assassin's Strike + 2 SEP.-
The poison from the shinigami's Assassin's Strike is much more virulent than average, and ravages the victims systems in a matter of moments. The number of successful hits (or failed saves, depending on how you look at it) needed for Assassin's Strike to kill a target is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 2 hits (or one failed save).
Special: This ability may be taken multiple times. The effects stack. Each time after the first increases the cost by a further +1 SEP each time (up to 2 hits for 4 SEP).

Assassin's Blade
Prerequisites: None
Activation Cost: 1 SEP
The Shinigami can coat her blade in spiritual shadows, allowing it to slip through their foes defences before their eyes. As a standard action, she can make a single attack that catches her foe flat footed. She may only use Assassin's Blade with a melee weapon.

Assassin's Eye
Prerequisites: Assassin's Strike
Activation Cost: Assassin's Strike + 1 SEP
The Shinigami is capable of probing their intended victim with their own spiritual energy, allowing them to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities much faster. The number of rounds of study she needs to use Assassin's Strike is reduced by 1.
Special: This ability may be taken multiple times. The effects stack. The activation cost remains the same regardless of the number of times assassin's eye has been chosen.

Assassin's Onslaught:
Prerequisites: Assassin's Strike, Assassin's Eye * 3, two other assassination type abilities, BaB 6+,
Activation Cost: As Assassin's Strike
The Shinigami may use Assassin's Strike as part of a Full attack action, the first attack of the action being replaced by an assassin's strike, that otherwise functions identically to the abiltity (including any extras etc). The rest of the action continues as normal.

Assassin's Strike
Prerequisites: None
Activation Cost: 3 SEP (paid once the strike is made)
The zanpakuto has the ability to generate and secrete a deadly venom that collapses the victims spiritual energy flow, eventually killing them.
Before using Assassin's strike, the shinigami must spend 3 consecutive rounds studying their spiritual make up and constitution, to ensure the effectiveness of the poison. She can do nothing during these rounds other than make a single move action. If she makes any other action during these three rounds then the study is lost. After these three rounds, the zanpakuto is attuned to the victim, and can begin to attack with Assassin's Strike. The zanpakuto can only be attuned to one creature at a time, though it remains attuned until it is sealed, or the shinigami chooses to end it.
After the weapon is attuned, the shinigami may make an Assassin's Strike as a standard action. She makes a single attack at her highest base attack bonus using her zanpakuto, and if it hits the poison enters their victims bloodstream. The second time a victim is hit, they must make a reflex save (DC 10 + ½ character level + reiatsu modifier) to avoid being hit in the same place. If they are struck in the same place 5 times (or four failed saves), then the poison takes effect and they are immediately slain or paralysed, at the Shinigami's digression.
Due to the spreading markers, the reflex DC is increased by 1 each time the victim succeeds in their reflex save for each subsequent hit.
The effect from Assassin's strike is from an injury poison, and thus gains all the bonuses and penalties the shinigami gets to poisons, save she never risks poisoning herself. Because the poison is designed to be effective against only one creature, it has no effect against anyone else beyond her normal attacks.

Prerequisites: Assassin's Piercing Blade, Shadow Cloak, Zanpakuto +4, Sneak Attack, Specialised.
Activation Cost: None
The zanpakuto gains the Vorpal weapon enhancement on all sneak attacks

Greater Assassin's Blade
Prerequisites: Improved Assassin's Blade, two other Assassination abilities
Activation cost: 7 sep
The Shinigami wraps her blade in heavy layers of darkness, allowing her to cut through her opponents defences as though they where not there. Activating this ability is a free action that lasts until the start of her next turn. She catches her target flat-footed on any melee attack she makes during this time.

Improved Assassin's Blade
Prerequisites: Assassin's Blade, one other assassination ability
Activation cost: 3 SEP
The shinigami may use this ability whenever she makes a full attack action. the first attack of the action catches the target flat footed.

Improved Assassin's Onslaught:
Prerequisites: Assassin's Onslaught, Specialized.
Activation Cost: As assassin's strike per each attack enhanced.
The Shinigami may, when using assassin's onslaught, convert any number of attacks into an assassin's strike.

Improved Oblivious Strike
Prerequisites: Oblivious Strike, BaB 11+, Specialized.
Activation Cost: 16 SEP
When making a full attack, the shinigami may choose to use this ability. she may make an additional attack at her highest BaB. This does not stack with any other bonuses attacks from things such as haste or a speed weapon enhancement etc. All attacks made in this fashion benefit from Assassin's Blade and Piercing Strike, and the damage from all attacks is totalled before applying damage reduction and/or energy resistance, or other such abilities.

Oblivious Strike
Prerequisites: Improved Assassin's Blade, Piercing Strike, six other assassination type abilities., BaB 6+
Activation Cost: 11 SEP
As a standard action, the shinigami may make two attacks at her highest base attack bonus against a single foe, using both Assassin's Blade Piercing Strike. The damage of both attacks is added together before applying damage reduction and energy resistance (so an attack that deals 28 and an attack that deals 32 would be totalled to 60, before damage reduction)

Penetrating Strikes
Prerequisites: Sneak Attack, Two Assassination type abilities
Activation Cost: None
The Shinigami is capable of striking the perfect part of her foes anatomy, exploiting any weaknesses that most people would overlook to ensure their strike deals damage. She may deal sneak attack damage to creatures that are immune to precision damage, though the damage per dice is reduced to d4.
Special: This ability may be taken a second time. It allows her to deal full sneak attack damage to creatures immune to precision damage

Piercing Strike
Prerequisites: Assassin's Blade, Sneak Attack 5d6, three other Assassination type abilities.
Activation Cost: None
The Shinigami's zanpakuto tells her just where to strike, to ensure that the blade strikes true. When using Assassin's Blade (not improved/greater assassin's blade), or when making a standard attack against an enemy denied their dexterity bonus to AC, the Shinigami can sacrifice 3d6 sneak attack damage to ignore her target's Armour Bonus, Deflection Bonus, Defence Bonus and Shield Bonus to AC.

Shadow Cloak
Prerequisites: Hide 9 ranks, two other assassination type abilities, Sneak Attack
Activation Cost: None
The Shinigami is capable of twisting shadows to obscure themselves The shinigami can hide in any shadow other than her own within 10ft, even if she is being observed, as Hide in Plain Sight.

Bankai abilities

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