Zanpakuto Blood

Blood type

the blood type is a deadly zanpakuto type that uses the life force of the wielder to power itself. The type allows you to attack your foe with never-healing wounds, magnifying their pain as well as to sacrifice your own life force to unleash devastating attacks

Special: Blood type abilities that cause personal constitution damage can only be used if you are susceptible to constitution damage; a character with no constitution score, cannot use these abilities, regardless of other circumstances. Creatures that would normally be immune to Constitution damage still suffer the effects of any costs to use blood type abilities. Abilities that sacrifice HP can still be used, so long as the user has HP to spend. A creature can willingly reduce their HP below 0 (and even enough to kill themselves, if they so choose) using blood-type abilities. if they do so, then they are rendered helpless/dead after the attack ends.

Prerequisites: None
Activation Cost: 1 SEP
As a swift action, the Shinigami can activate their blade's blood-lust, causing each of their zanpakuto attacks to inflict 1 point of constitution damage. The Victim is entitled to a fortitude save (DC 10 + ½ character level + Reiatsu modifier) to resist the constitution damage. This ability lasts until the blade is sealed, or the shinigami chooses to end it.
Special: This ability may be taken multiple times. Each time increases the save DC by 2.

Greater Wounding
Prerequisites: Wounding, two other blood type abilities
Activation Cost: As wounding + 1 SEP
The constitution damage from the shinigami's wounding ability is increased to 1d3

Prerequisites: Wounding
Activation Cost: as wounding + 2
This ability is an enhancement to the Wounding ability, and is activated at the same time. For each point of constitution damage dealt by her Wounding ability, the shinigami heals herself 1d6 points of HP.

Improved Bloodfeeding
Prerequisites: Bloodfeeding, four other blood type abilities
Activation Cost: none
The Health gained from bloodfeeding can be either healing, or Temporary HP that lasts until it is lost or she seals her sword, at the shinigami's discretion.

Bleeding Strike
Prerequisites: Wounding
Activation Cost: 3 SEP
As a Standard action, the Shinigami makes a single melee attack. If this attack hits, it deals an extra 1d6 points of damage and, so long as it inflicted any amount of damage, causes the victim to bleed viciously, suffering 1d6 points of bleeding damage each subsequent round. The bleeding persists until the victim passes a DC (10 + ½ character level + Reitsu modifier) fortitude save – which is made at the start of each of the victim's rounds – is healed by Fast Healing or Regeneration, or receives any form of magical healing.
The bleeding damage takes effect before Fast Healing/Regeneration.
Creatures that do not bleed are, of course, unaffected by this ability.
Special: This ability may be taken multiple times. Each time increases the save DC by 2.

Vicious Wounds
Prerequisites: Bloody Strikes
Activation Cost: Bloody Strikes + 2
When using Bloody Strikes, you may increase the initial bonus damage, and the first round of bleed damage by 1d6.
Special: You may select this ability multiple times. Each time increases the damage by an additional 1d6, or the duration it persists by 1 round.

[[#EternalWounds]] Eternal Wounds
Prerequisites: Bleeding Strikes, specialised
Activation Cost: as Bleeding Strikes
The Bleeding Wounds the shinigami inflict particularly difficult to heal. In order to halt the bleeding, it instead requires a Restoration Kido to heal. In addition, this stops Fast Healing from closing the wounds, although it does not prevent Fast Healing from taking effect and healing some of the damage.

Bloody Onslaught
Prerequisites: Bleeding Strike, four other blood type abilities, BaB 6+
Activation Cost: As Bleeding Strike each attack replaced
You may use Bleeding Strike as part of a full attack action, replacing any number of attacks with Bloody Strikes. The bleed damage caused is combined into one effect, that causes the total bleed damage, rather than being multiple individual cuts.

Vampiric Strike
Prerequisites: None
Activation Cost: 3 SEP
The Shinigami's blade drinks in the blood that coats it, transferring this vitality to her. As a standard action, the shinigami can make a single standard attack. If this attack hits, she regains HP equal to her base zanpakuto damage.

[[#ImprovedVampricStrike]] Improved Vampiric Strike
Prerequisites: Vampiric Strike, two other blood type abilities
Activation Cost: As Vampiric strike + 2 SEP/per creature hit
When using Vampiric strike, the shinigami can choose to recover health equal to ½ the total damage, rather than her base zanpakuto damage. If she uses this ability in a situation where she drains health from multiple creatures, the ½ total damage healing only effects the first creature.

Vampiric Blade
Prerequisites: Vampiric Strike, one other blood type ability
Activation Cost: as attack + 3 SEP
Once per turn, the Shinigami can have any single attack she makes with her zanpakuto – be it an ability or a basic attack as part of a full attack – benefit from Vampiric Strike.

Ravenous Thirst
Prerequisites: Vampiric Strike, Vampiric Blade, four other blood type abilities, BaB 6+
Activation Cost: As Action +6 SEP
The Shinigami's sword is ever thirsty for more blood, to such an extent that her blade could be bathed in a crimson ocean and come out spotless. As part of any action, the Shinigami can have any attack made by the zanpakuto be enhanced by her Vamparic Strike ability, up to a maximum of the number she could make as part of a full attack action. If used as part of an area attack, each creature she drains health from counts as an attack.
Due to the focus on variety rather than completeness, she only receives ½ the healing per hit.

Insatiable Thirst
Prerequisites: Ravenous Thirst, six other blood type abilities
Activation Cost: N/A
When using Ravenous Thirst, the shinigami recovers 100% of the healing from each strike, rather than 50%

Bottomless Well of Bloodthirst
Prerequisites: Ravenous Thirst, eight other blood type abilities, specialised.
Activation Cost: N/A
The Shinigami can drain health from an additional 2 victims when using Ravenous Thirst.
Special: This ablity may be taken multiple times. the effects stack.

Blade of Blood
Prerequisites: None
Activation Cost: 1 SEP
As a move equivalent action, the shinigami coats her blade in a sheath of whirling, frenzied blood. The Shinigami's attacks deal an extra 1d6 points of damage. She may choose to suffer 1 point of constitution damage to increase the damage of her next melee attack by 3d6. If she misses, then this is wasted.
Blade of Blood lasts until the shinigami seals her sword or chooses to end it.

Bloody Reaper
Prerequisites: Blade of blood, two other blood type abilities
Activation Cost: 1 CON
When spending Con with Blade of Blood, the Shinigami can have the bonus damage apply to all attacks made until she seals the blade

Blood Price
Prerequisites: None
Activation Cost: None
The Shinigami can spend their blood in place of their spiritual energy. whenever the shinigami uses a zanpakuto ability, they can choose to take constitution damage, at a rate of 5 sep to 1 point of constitution damage, to pay for the ability. This does not allow him to go beyond his normal limit for abilities, and any extra SEP generated in this way is lost if not used that turn.

Improved Blood Price
Prerequisites: Blood Price, two other Blood Type abilities
Activation Cost: None
So long as Improved Blood Price is active, the shinigami can spend their HP as SEP, at a rate of 2 sep for each hit point, if they so desire, however, they cannot recover HP or ability damage, or receive anything else that could be classified as “healing” so long as it is active. Activating and deactivating Blood Price is a free action that can only be done during their turn.

Blood Boost
Prerequisites: Blood Price
Activation Cost: as ability + 1 Con
When using any instant duration Zanpakuto ability with a random numeric value of at least 2d6, the shinigami can suffer 1 point of constitution damage to increase the effect by 2d6.
Special: this ability may be taken up to three times. Each time increases the bonus by a further 2d6. The con damage does not increase.

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