Zanpakuto Feats

Zanpakuto Feats

Zanpakuto feats are feats that effect the zanpakuto wielded by a Shinigami, or other characters who have gained shinigami like powers
To select any Zanpakuto feat, a character must possess a Zanpakuto. This is in addition to any listed prerequisites.

Feat Prerequisites Description
Alternate Release Shikai Gain a second, weaker Shikai
Alternate Sealed Form None Change the form of your Shikai to a different weapon
Constant Release Shikai Your Zanpakuto's Shikai becomes it's sealed form
Expanded Shikai None Gain an additional Shikai ability
Multiple Type None Gain an additional Zanpakuto type
Quick Release Bankai Release you Shikai as a swift action
Renewed Release None Redesign an existing release you possess
Sacrificial Release Zanpakuto Manifestation Gain an additional release with extra power, but damages your zanpakuto.
Sealed None Your zanpakuto has no powers, but you yourself grow in power much faster
Unleashed Sealed Awaken your Zanpakuto's abilities
Sealed Ability None Your Zanpakuto can access some of it's powers in its sealed state
Soul Companion None You are much closer to your Zanpakuto than normal, this link granting an action dice.
Twin Zanpakuto mastery Two weapon fighting, Change form (two weapons or double weapon) Your off-hand blade becomes a full zanpakuto in all respects, though the growth of both blades slows.
Variable Release None Gain a second release that shares many abilities with the main release
Zanjutsu mastery Weapon Focus (Zanpakuto), Weapon Specialization (Zanpakuto) Your zanpakuto deals more damage based on it's form

Alternate Release
Prerequisite: Zanpakutou Manifestation
Benefit: You can define a secondary release form for your Zanpakutō. This new shikai has a number of Shikai abilities equal to one-half that of your original Shikai release. If you have an odd number of Shikai abilities, round up.
Special: This feat may be selected multiple times. Each time allows you to craft an additional Shikai.

Alternate Sealed Form
Prerequisite: None
Benefit: Your sealed Zanpakutou gains the benefits of having the Change Form Weapon-type ability. This ability is applied to the Shikai when it is attained, if desired (although the form should be different from that of the sealed form).

Constant Release
Prerequisite: Shikai, can only be taken immediately when Shikai is achieved.
Benefit: Your Zanpakutou can never be sealed. Its Shikai form becomes its normal state. Your shikai still counts as active for all purposes at all times (eg: Surpress Reiatsu etc). If you possess a second shikai, then that must be activated as normal, and lasts it's standard duration. when it ends, your zanpakuto simply siwtches back to it's base shikai
Normal: You may only release your Shikai for a number of minutes equal to your character level. Releasing your shikai costs an action and SEP.

Expanded Shikai
Prerequisite: Shikai
Benefit: Gain an additional Shikai ability. This ability is not doubled during Bankai
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack. The abilities gained from this feat are not doubled when crafting a Bankai.

Multiple Type
Prerequisite: None
Benefit: You gain one extra type when selecting Shikai and Bankai abilities for your Zanpakutou. If you take this feat, you cannot take the Specialized Zanpakutou feat.
Normal: Zanpakutou two inherent types in which you may select abilities from.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.

Quick Release
Prerequisite: Bankai
Benefit: You may release your Zanpakutou's Shikai as a swift action.
Normal: It requires a move action to release your Zanpakutou's Shikai.

Renewed Release
Prerequisite: Zanpakutou Manifestation
Benefit: Upon choosing this feat, you may select one shikai or bankai you possess and change any of it's abilities for any other you meet the prerequisites for, up to the limit allowed for that release. The zanpakutos' types are unchanged
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Each time allows you to redesign a release

Sacrifice Release
Prerequisite: Zanpakuto Manifestation
Benefit: You can define a secondary release form for your Zanpakutō. You gain abilities in number equal to your character level +Charisma modifier for determining its power. When this power is used, your Zanpakutō's power is exhausted and it shatters.

Prerequisite: Shinigami level 1
Benefit: Your Zanpakutou is sealed, mute and inert. In your eyes it is nothing more than a tool of war. You can't access either Shikai or Bankai special abilities when they would be avaliable, nor take Zanpakuto feats other than sealed ability and twin weapon mastery. Relying on your own inner strength in battle, you earn a 10% XP bonus on all violent encounters. You gain an attribute increase every two levels instead of every four and you gain two opposed to one point. If this feat is obtained after the shikai or bankai ability, then you should explain why you lost those abilities. you do not loose any zanpakuto feats you possess.
Special: This feat cannot be retrained except for by taking Unleashed.

Sealed Ability
Benefit: You gai an adiditonal shikai ability. The ability chosen must have no prerequisites. You benefit from that Shikai ability while you do not have your Shikai on, as well as while in Shikai. These abilities are not doubled in bankai
Special: This feat can be taken by someone with the Sealed feat, or someone who has not attained Shikai yet. This feat can be taken a maximum of three times, each time choosing a different Shikai ability.

Specialized Zanpakutou
Prerequisite: Must be taken no later than 3rd level, when Shikai is attained.
Benefit: Your zanpakutou has only one type, but you gain two extra zanpakutou abilities upon attaining Shikai. If you take this feat, you cannot take the Multiple Type feat. You gain an additional shikai ability at level 7 and level 11, as well as +2 save DC's where applicable, this bonus increases by +1 at level 10. In addition, you gain access to Specialist Shikai powers.
Normal: Your zanpakutou has two types and gains one ability when Shikai is attained.
Special: Unlike zanpakutou abilities gained from the Expanded Shikai feat, the amount of shikai abilities gained from this feat are doubled when crafting bankai.

Soul Companion
Prerequisite: None
Benefit: You are extremely well attuned to your Zanpakutou and benefit from this friendship in time of direst needs. Once per game session when all your standard action dices have been expended, your Zanpakutou's spirit might come forward offering support and tactical acumen. You gain a bonus action dice, which doesn't carry over game sessions.
Special: If you are playing in a format where there are not sessions (such as an online play-by-post campaign), it is up to the DM to determine where is appropriate for you to refresh this ability.

Twin Zanpakutou Mastery
Prerequisite: Change Form Ability for either a double-weapon Zanpakutou and/or two Zanpakutous, Two Weapon Fighting
Benefit: When you take this feat, choose two Zanpakutou types, one of which must be one of the same types chosen when you obtained your Shikai. These types (and any additional ones gained via the Multiple Type feat) are available for your second Zanpakutou. If your Shikai is specalized, then you only obtain one zanpakuto type, which must be the same as your main weapon.
Your second zanpakuto imediatly gains 2 shikai abillities, and a further 2 every three levels thereafter. From now on, your main blade gains abillities at every multiple of three (3, 6, 9, 12, 15), rather than the normal progression.
Any extra zanpakuto abillities gained from feats and/or prestige classes apply only to one of the blades, chosen when the feat is gained. Abilities are not shared between the two blades.
Normal: Your Zanpakutou abilities apply for both weapons without any variance between the two.

Prerequisites: Sealed
Benefit: You have finally come to terms with what was sealing your Zanpakutou's power. You immediately gain the full use of Zanpakutou damage, Shikai and eventually Bankai abilities for a character of your level. You no longer gain the bonus EXP from sealed, and you obtain attribute boosts at the normal rate of 1 every 4 levels, rather than 2 every 2
Special: when this feat is obtained, if retraining is in effect, then Sealed is imediatly retrained to another zanpakuto feat she meets the prerequisies for. She retains all the bonuses to abilities scores from sealed. If she ever retrains Unleashed, she looses the ability score boosts from Sealed.
Developer's Note: It is highly advised DMs do not let players start the game with unleashed, as the balance point to the powerful combo is that it leaves you behind on power early on. skipping this raises it effectively from 2 feats to around 5-10 depending on what level unleashed is obtained

Variable Release
Prerequisite: Zanpakutou Manifestation
Benefit: You may design a secondary Shikai release with the total amount of Shikai abilities that you have acquired to the point in which you gain this feat, but only 1/4 of affected abilities may differ from your original shikai's design.
Special: This ability may be taken multiple times. Each time allows the shinigami to craft an additional Shikai release.

Zanjutsu Mastery
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Zanpakuto), Weapon Specilization (Zanpakuto)
Benefit: Your Zanpakuto damage is increased by the amount of damage a normal weapon of its type would deal. For example, a shinigami with a Bastard Sword zanpakuto would deal an additional 1d10 damage.

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