Zanpakuto Ice Type

Ice Blade: This changes the form of the Zanpakuto’s blade into ice, causing it to inflict cold damage. Frost Blade may still be used in conjunction with Ice Blade.

Ice Form: This changes the form of one of the Zanpakuto’s attacks, changing it to cold. For example, Projectile-based Zanpakuto will now do cold damage, whereas Summon-based Zanpakuto will gain the Cold subtype and do cold damage. Frost Blade may still be used in conjunction with Ice Form.

Frost Blade:This allows you to charge your Zanpakuto with bitter frost, creating a chill aura around it that freezes your foes. As a move-equivalent action, you can charge your Zanpakuto with cold, giving it an additional 2d6 cold damage. This effect lasts until you release your hold on your Zanpakuto or reseal it.

Greater Frost Blade: This requires Frost Blade to take. It grants an additional 2d6 cold damage when manifesting Frost Blade, for a total of 4d6.

Superior Frost Blade: This requires Frost Blade and Greater Frost Blade to take. It grants an additional 2d6 cold damage when manifesting Greater Frost Blade, for a total of 6d6.

Swift Frost Blade: This requires Frost Blade to take. It allows you to manifest your Frost Blade as a Swift Action.

Icy Regeneration: You can freeze your broken blade over and repair it as a move-action.

Freezing Blow: Requires either Ice Blade or Frost Blade. Your Zanpakuto gains the properties of a wounding weapon, but instead of constitution damage it deals dexterity or strength damage instead. This ability may be taken twice, it allows you to choose which damage type is dealt whenever you strike.

Greater Freezing Blow: Requires Freezing Blow. Ice from your Zanpakuto clings to your opponent; when struck, he must make a Fortitude save or become fatigued. 2 points of fire damage per Ice ability you possess cures this fatigue.

Superior Freezing Blow: Upgrades the fatigue to exhaustion.

Perfect Freezing Blow: This requires Freezing Blow, Improved Freezing Blow, Greater Freezing Blow and four other Ice abilities. As a full-round action, you can make a single attack that, if successful, provokes a Fortitude Save. If the Fortitude save is failed, the opponent is frozen in ice and petrified until they take fire damage equal to 5 per Ice ability you possess or the effect is dispelled or healed as normal. If the Fortitude save is successful, they must make a Reflex save or be paralyzed for one round. This ability may be taken multiple times. Each time increases the DC of both saves by 2.

Ice Armor: When releasing your sword you create a layer of ice around yourself that protects you from damage. This gives you a damage reduction of 5/bludgeoning or fire and a maximum dexterity modifier to AC of +4. You may take this multiple times, each time you take this ability your damage reduction increases by 5 and your maximum dexterity modifier is reduced by 1, to a maximum of 25/bludgeoning or fire and maximum dexterity modifier +0 after taking this ability five times.

Ice Adaptation: Every time you take this ability, you gain 10 resistance to either cold or fire, to a maximum of 30 for each after taking this ability six times. This ability cannot be used with the Twin Zanpakuto Mastery feat, and it overlaps (does not stack) with resistances from the Fire Adaptation Zanpakuto ability, but not with other magic items.

Snow Storm: This creates a constant effect of Snow in a 10-foot burst centered on you while your Zanpakuto is released. Taking this ability an additional time allows you to increase the ferocity of the snow, upgrading Snow to Heavy Snow, Heavy Snow to a Snowstorm and Snowstorm to a Blizzard. Snow begins to build on the ground after 2 rounds for regular snow, but only takes 1 round with heavy snow or higher. The snow lasts on the ground for 2 rounds after you’ve moved out of the area, plus an additional 1 round per level of Snow Storm (Heavy Snow lasts for 3, Snowstorm lasts for 4, and Blizzard lasts for 5), although the counter resets whenever you move back into the area. Instead of adding a new weather effect, you may increase the burst by 10 feet each time you take this ability or you may increase the amount of rounds the snow effect lingers by 2.

Ice Trail: As you walk, your Zanpakuto produces a trail of ice along the squares you move. Anybody besides yourself is subject to both the standard effects of ice and the effects of a Grease spell with the caster level equal to your character level. The save DC is constitution-based to avoid slipping. The ice lasts for 4 rounds.

Expanded Ice Trail: This requires Ice Trail to use. It allows you to do one of multiple things each time the ability is taken. You may either create an ice trail in a 5-foot burst which can be expanded by an additional 5 feet each time this is taken, or you may elevate your ice trail, allowing you to walk into the air at a 45 degree angle. Alternately, you can increase the duration by two rounds and the save DC to avoid slipping by 1.

Seal Wounds: This allows you to seal your wounds with your ice, preventing you from bleeding. As a standard action, it allows you to convert 2d6 points of damage into nonlethal damage. You may take this ability multiple times, each one increases the amount of damage converted by 1d6, to a maximum of 10d6.

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