Mind Type

"Can you fight when up and down, left and right, front and back, and the direction you take damage from are all mixed up inside your head? No, you can't. Nobody can. The stronger you are the more used you are to combat, the more likely your body is to react only to what you see!!" — Hirako Shinji, 5th Division Captain

Mind Blade:
Your blade is charged with the power of your mind, destructively harming your opponent's body with sheer willpower. Gives +2d4 psychic damage to your melee attacks with your Zanpakuto. This requires a move action to activate.

Greater Mind Blade:
Requires Mind Blade. Your Mind Blade now deals an additional +2d4 damage, for a total of +4d4 psychic damage.

Superior Mind Blade:
Requires Greater Mind Blade. Your Mind Blade now deals an additional +2d4 damage, for a total of +6d4 psychic damage.

Swift Mind Blade:
This requires Mind Blade to take. It allows you to manifest your Mind Blade as a Swift Action.

Mind Strike:
Requires Mind Blade. Your Zanpakuto gains the properties of a wounding weapon. However instead of constitution damage it deals intelligence or wisdom damage instead, , the target gets a Will save to negate this damage (DC 10 + 1/2 character level + Int modifier). This ability may be taken twice, it allows you to choose which damage type is dealt whenever you strike.

You may attempt to charm a creature as per Charm Person. DC 10 + ½ Level + Intelligence.

Improved Charm:
Adds +2 DC. You may take this power multiple times, it stacks. Requires Charm.

Greater Charm:
Your Charm effect becomes as per Charm Monster. Requires Charm.

Mass Charm:
Your charm may affect 1 target per level. Requires Improved Charm.

As per Dominate Person, DC 10 + ½ Level + Intelligence. Requires Greater Charm. May only effect one target at a time. The target may expend 1 SE per level of the user to attempt to break free of the control, rolling another save.

Improved Dominate:
Increase the DC of your Dominate effect by +2. May be taken multiple times, stacks.

Greater Dominate:
Improves your Dominate to as per Dominate Monster. Requires Dominate and Improved Dominate.

Intuitive Insight:
You may use your Intelligence modifier in place of your Dexterity for Armor Class and Reflex Saves.

Lesser Insanity:
By sending flashes of random images at your target, you may temporarily make them go insane. As a standard action you may cause a target to suffer the effects of Lesser Confusion for 1 round, they may avoid this by making a Will save with a DC of 10+1/2 level+Int mod.

Requires Lesser Insanity. Your Lesser Insanity power is improved to a Confusion effect, lasting a number of rounds equal to your character level.

Superior Insanity:
Requires Insanity. Your Insanity powers increase, allowing you to cause the effects of the Insanity spell. This effect may be saved against each day, until the target succeeds.

Supreme Insanity:
Requires Superior Insanity. Your powers of insanity have been mastered, and now the target is permanently insane unless cured by some other effect, if they fail the first save.

Insanity Strike:
Requires Lesser Insanity. You have learned to channel insanity into your Zanpakuto, allowing you to inflict it upon your victims with a sword strike. As a standard action you may make one melee attack on your opponent, rolling damage normally. They are also effected by your Lesser Insanity power.

Swift Insanity Strike:
Requires Insanity Strike and Insanity. Your insanity channeling has improved to such an extent as allowing you to strike multiple times with your blade. You may now make a full attack action and effect your victim with your Lesser Insanity power.

Controlled Madness:
Requires Insanity. You have learned to control your power over Insanity, allowing you to subtlety shift how the target acts. You may change the result of the % roll up or down by up to 20%.

Improved Control:
Requires Controlled Madness. You have mastered your control to the next level, allowing greater control over the insanity your Zanpakuto inflicts. You may change the result of the % roll up or down by up to 30%.

Supreme Control:
Requires Improved Control. Your control over insanity is now at a master's level, you may now change the result of the % roll up or down by up to 40%.

Waves of Insanity:
Requires Supreme Control. You may as a standard action release a wave of insanity across your victims minds in a radius around you of 10 feet. They make saving throws normally. You may take this ability multiple times, and each time you may extend the range by 10 feet.

Aura of Insanity:
Requires Waves of Insanity taken three times. You now have a constant aura of insanity around you, out to a range of 15 feet.

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