Oppression Type

It increases the weight of whatever it hits, until my opponent can no longer bear the weight and falls to the ground. And then they bow their head as if in apology. That's why it's called, Wabisuke" — Izuru Kira, 3rd Division Lieutenant

Oppression-type Zanpakuto make use of a Shinigami’s Reiatsu aura to manipulate other Shinigami in a number of different ways, from lowering a Shinigami’s stats to choking a Shinigami with pure Reiatsu.

Special: requires intimidate 6 (total of at least)


A target is anyone within the area of effect whom must make an opposed Reiatsu check or level check (whichever is higher) vs. the Reiatsu skill check of the user. The oppressive Reiatsu aura has an area of effect equal to a 5ft. radius per level of the Shinigami. Should someone in the area of effect beat the Reiatsu check vs. oppressive Reiatsu he may not be affected again from the same type of attack until either the battle is over or the target leaves the affected area and re-enters (IE. if you target a stat and their AC. they make one save but not the other. Then only one is suppressed by the given value. If the target leaves the affected area and then returns a new check must be made.) Under NO circumstances may a suppression effect EVER remain if the target leaves the affected area or the oppression is shut down. If the user is stunned, knocked unconscious, brought below 0 hp or level drained, the suppress effect ends. The user may choose to not be affected by his own aura. However this does not protect him from an oppression aura of another Shinigami. No effect from oppression aura may be lethal. Even if a target is reduced to negative con the target is just incapacitated, and will regain their con or other stat once the oppression has passed.

Soften armor:
-2 AC to any target within the area of affect. This penalty is a flat AC penalty. This ability may be taken a total of 5 times to a total of -10 to their Armor Class.

Suppress ability:
-2 to a chosen stat. You must choose this once for each stat you wish to effect. You may choose from strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, charisma. If you wish to suppress: -4str -8dex -10con you must take this ability 11 times. This ability may be taken any number of times, its effects stack.

Suppress Attack Speed:
This ability requires two other Oppression abilities. This ability gives the target a -1 penalty to their attack rolls. This ability can be taken multiple times, each time increasing the penalty by 1.

Suppress Defense:
This ability requires four other Oppression abilities. This ability gives the target a -1 penalty to all saves. This ability can be taken multiple times, each time increasing the penalty by 1.

Suppress magic:
Must have 1 suppression ability to take, this ability will render 5 pts of spell points unusable. the points are not spent but are simply unable to be used without a concentration check of character level + con score. this ability may be taken twice. Its effects stack.

Suppress movement:
takes 2 suppression ability to take, this ability will suppress 10 ft of movement. This will also affect Shunpo. However this will not fully stop anyone. No matter the conditions, even if the user suppress 100 ft of movement. a target is always able to make a 5 ft step. This ability may be taken multiple times and the effects stack.

Oppressive aura perfection:
Must have 4 suppression abilities to take, this ability suppresses the air in the area. All targets in area instantly begin to suffocate. This ability will also affect the user of this ability; the user has no choice to resist his own ability. Suffocation will halt at the point of sleep. This ability is still under the limitation that no suppress ability may be lethal.

Selective Oppression aura:
This requires Oppression aura to take. The user can select to leave one target per level out of the oppression, thus leaving them to act normally in the aura.

Greater oppressive aura perfection:
Must have oppressive aura perfection to take, as above save that the user may now target only a single person per five HD within his area of affect. At level 5, he can target 1 person, at level 10 he can target 2 people, 15 lets him hit 3 and 20 gets 4. This includes non-Shinigami levels, as long as Intimidate stays a class skill.

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